Pressotherapy consequences

Прессотерапия последствияAt least once each of us has heard the word, but what it means not many people know. Pressotherapy is such a painless lymph drainage massage, which influences our body and the body and removes excess fluid from it. Also thanks to this massage excreted toxins, cleaned tissue and improves the process of feeding.

This procedure besides being perfectly removes excess fluid and waste products from the body, so also restores water balance of our body. And in addition, pressure therapy helps to normalize circulation, interstitial fluid and lymph. Procedure pressure therapy is applied in cosmetology, because it makes it easy to remove different swelling, and also to make a nice waist, she helps fight cellulite and other defects, which are formed in the course of our lives.

How is this procedure? It is performed with a special compressor and Manilov. Cuffs are worn on the legs and Ruga patient, and there injected compressor air that causes compression of soft tissues, as a result of this action in the organism, improves blood circulation.

Прессотерапия последствияPressotherapy due to the fact that it is painless and is suitable for people who are contraindicated electrical stimulation of muscles with lymphatic drainage, you can perform this procedure on a daily basis. It is not very long, just forty-five minutes, and after the patient is feeling well-rested and relaxed.

Pressotherapy consequences has just fine, because every women wants to look beautiful and charming. Thanks to this procedure, it is possible, because the pressure therapy helps to get rid of the chief enemy of women cellulite. Also, this procedure provides the opportunity not only to fight cellulite, but also corrects our figure, enables you to do it as we want, and out of our body weight.

Pressotherapy consequences of the reviews are positive, because this procedure does not provide discomfort, it does not feel pain. After holding pressure therapy person feels relaxed, full of energy and strength. Besides cosmetic factors, pressotherapy feet thanks antispasmodic and vasodilatory action oseltamivir contributes to varicose veins.
Many patients after pressure therapy say that after her feel only a burst of energy, i.e. our body receives additional energy. This procedure helps reduce the time of rehabilitation after traumas and operation, as it also removes toxins from the body and carries out the liquidation of fat tissue.

Despite the fact that this procedure is expensive, it is necessary to apply to yourself every woman who wants to look beautiful. This is not just for the beauty of the body, this procedure besides just gives medical effect at various diseases such as obesity, gout, constipation, arthritis, and many others. The main thing is that this procedure is performed by specially trained person, and before taking the therapy should consult with your doctor.
After this procedure you can go to the bus tour with – you will look simply stunning

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