Pictures mehndi

мехенди фотоMehndi is the original Indian name of henna. Pictures mehndi photos is a body painting using henna. Easy mehndi drawings represent a therapeutic and spiritual procedure, for this reason mehndi in no case should not be applied quickly. In Indian culture more importance is the symbolism, so mehndi speaks the language of symbols. Pictures mehndi sketches made in Pakistan or India are considered the most challenging in the world. The most relevant of them used the ornament with the “cucumbers”.
Also welcome simple forms, such as “corner”, “line” connects the two lines represent the duality of life. Triangle top, which looks up, displays a male activity, represents the ascension and heavenly fire. If the top looking down, it indicates a passive female character mercy or water, descending from Heaven. The square symbolizes the integrity, stability, and shelter. The star signifies hope and divinity. The description and photo of pictures can be found by visiting the website of masters of painting with henna.

Mehndi the meaning of the symbols and figures can play an important role in human life. For example, the octagon, the components of which are two squares, superimposed one on one – attracts protection. The cross can be a source or in other words a cosmic symbol that indicates the relationship of the earth and the sky. If it is covered with square, you can make a temple with doors on two sides.

Mehndi what the pictures represent the type of a circle. This symbol is the universal symbol of wholeness. Indian culture pays special attention to this sign and gives it a special meaning, it symbolizes the cycle of life. Also, the circle with flames means Prakriti (“what develops, produces and generates”). The Crescent moon symbols on the Indian people symbolizes a newborn baby who has a purpose to grow rapidly.
Mehndi designation of drawings –
the sun is the door to the Universe, that is the entrance into the world of immortality and knowledge. Its the sun represents the power and deity, the rays give life to our world. Simple drawings mehndi, type, Lotus can impersonate multiple number of characters, the main ones: the bounty of the earth, female genital organ and the tree of life. Fruits and flowers are perfect pictures mehndi on feet is used as a symbol of happiness and joy. Fruits signify the essence of immortality, and flowers new life and the fragility of childhood.

Pictures mehndi on hands – this, for example, a curve that demonstrates the success in work, career development, and also good luck and positive difficulties. Henna mehndi – it is quite beautiful and gentle, people dreaming about a tattoo, on a monthly basis to do a new pattern. If you want you can just get rid of it.
Significance of mehndi drawings
can be explored endlessly. Pictures mehndi, today occupy leading positions on the market of beauty, because it is original, beautiful, and most importantly, not provocatively.

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