Paraffin for hands

Парафиновые ванночки для рукProcedure paraffinotherapy is becoming more and more popular. As it does not require a lot of time and effort, and most importantly not require large expenditures. This procedure can be done in a beauty salon with food, but it can also be done independently at home.

Paraffin for hands in the cabin done trained cosmetologists. Paraffin for hands and feet makes our skin more hydrated, tender, helps to cope with shallow wrinkles that appear on the skin for life. In beauty salons very often during this procedure, the paraffin add a variety of essential oils that make the skin more enriched with useful substances, and is significantly better and younger. Paraffin for hands price varies from 350 to 450 rubles per procedure.

Paraffin for hands can be conducted at home. After all, how all the same comfortable to sit on your favorite couch and make your body the best. This procedure is not difficult to conduct, so only needed pharmacy wax, plastic bags, warm beauty gloves, mittens, and paraffin. By the way, trays, it can be just an ordinary – hand, and might be special purposed for paraffin. Together with the special paraffin bath fashionable buy set for paraffin hand.

For this procedure at home, you need to pay several times a week for one hour of his time. First, heated paraffin, then hands to spread cream or butter hand and omit a few times hand in paraffin. Do this several times it is necessary to form a thick layer of paraffin and nutrients are better absorbed, and the skin has improved their metabolism, and fat and sweat glands work better. Then hands wrapped in packages, and from top to wear mittens gloves. Keep all of this should not be less than thirty minutes.

Парафиновые ванночки для рукAs with any cosmetic procedure, paraffin for hands contraindications has. It is impossible to carry out this procedure with wounds on the hands or other parts of the body, people with diseases such as diabetes and varicose veins. This procedure also contraindicated for people with infectious diseases and stroke.
Paraffin for hands reviews all say that she has only one positive emotions and a great effect. Women say that the procedure is very nice and it helps to arms and legs relax and improve their metabolic processes, make your skin more hydrated and supple. Also it removes dryness of the skin and helps to cope with the first signs of skin aging. Many people use this procedure to cope with a variety of pain in his hands and feet and with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Everything you need for paraffin hand here in

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