Paraffin for feet

Парафинотерапия для ногThis procedure helps to restore the skin of legs, in addition it is very pleasant and efficient to use. Thanks to this procedure, women are confronted with problems such as dry and cracked feet, found a solution. Because, paraffin for feet provides for our feet healing of cracks, and it moisturizes the skin and makes the skin of rough in the tender.
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To effect was noticeable, should such a procedure to be carried out at least once a week and for ten sessions. Besides, paraffin therapy helps to cope with the various challenges associated with the legs, it helps you relax after a hard day, and give the feet of relaxation and beauty.

Paraffin for hands and feet held not only in salons, but also at home. Therefore, in the cabin of this procedure will look like. Cosmetologist before paraffin treatment for processes legs a special scrub to remove from the skin of the feet dead skin particles. After this, the skin should be disinfected, and to grease with a nourishing cream. The cream is applied in advance to all of its nutritional and therapeutic components to soak into the skin and made it beautiful and healthy. After all this is done feet or hands lowered several times in the heated liquid paraffin. This is done several times, to form a thick layer of wax for better effect.

Парафинотерапия для ногOnce the wax was struck on the legs or arms dress special plastic bags or gloves, and over them dress up beauty warm mittens. Thanks to this, paraffin its heat will give the skin, it, in turn, will be heated and the cream is absorbed. And in addition, open pores, improves blood circulation, display a variety of toxins from the body, particularly through the legs.

 Lifting effect when the paraffin is achieved because paraffin at cooling has the feature to decrease, that is, it tightens the skin and smoothes small wrinkles. Paraffin for hands and legs, it is necessary to hold from 20 to 40 minutes.
 Paraffin foot for children helps to cope with different pains, and the paraffin is used at diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It can be done and the house, and led the baby to a specialist. For children best white pharmacy paraffin. This procedure also shows children with the tone of the fingers, legs make paraffin stockings. The most important thing in carrying out this procedure in children, it is worth remembering about the temperature and the fact that the children can bring discomfort to the temperature, which for us will be the norm. Therefore, before applying to the skin of the child heated paraffin, you need to check the temperature, dropping himself on his elbow, if it is hot enough, you have to wait a bit.

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