Paraffin baths for hands

Парафиновые ванночки для рукThis procedure is new for beauty salons of our time. Recently, many assumed that the wax can be used in construction, and in the manufacture of candles. But on the rights tick appears completely different.

Paraffin baths for hands immediately after his appearance has won considerable success and began to enjoy great popularity. Because of what has happened now find out.

Парафиновые ванночки для рукEveryone knows that in paraffin wax containing such compounds that contain hydrogen, which means that the hydrogen has low thermal conductivity, then he will slowly cool down. The conclusion from this is that it is gradually cooling down will give up their heat to the skin of hands. Therefore, if a paraffin bath spread your hands or feet nourishing cream, then at cooling paraffin nutrients will be absorbed through the pores and giving her all useful components and substances.

In addition, paraffin wraps skin of the hands, and when it starts to cool down, he squeezes her that promotes various smoothing wrinkles and furrows on his hands acquired with age. Also paraffin baths for arms improve water balance of the skin.

This procedure can be done not only in a beauty salon, but also at home. Paraffin hand bath instruction is very easy to use. Needs the special cosmetic paraffin, not candles, namely paraffin, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Paraffin hand bath to buy you can buy in any drugstore or in the specialized cosmetic shop. Then you will also need plastic bags, bath for hands or feet, lip balm or cream for hands (paraffin), as well as warm gloves.

When you have prepared all the ingredients for a procedure, pour hot wax in a dish, wait until it cools down a bit to avoid burns and then drop back hands, pre-lubricated by cream. Hands in paraffin should be lowered several times to layer covering hand was fat. Then put in the hands of the packages, and then warm gloves. Paraffin after the procedure is removed after 30 minutes.

Парафиновые ванночки для рукParaffin baths for hands reviews are very good, so how much effort this procedure does not require, and it is easy to use both in interior and at home. Many women do not have the time to visit beauty salons, get in home use paraffin baths. Paraffin baths for hands price is different. All depends on what comes from the manufacturer. However, the price of this bath is available both for Amateurs and for professionals. Also this set is very easy to use, most importantly, do not forget about the instructions for use and will succeed.
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