Paraffin at home

Парафинотерапия в домашних условияхHome paraffin very good and useful treatment for the skin of the various areas of our body. Besides the fact that it has cosmetic actions, also she still treats and tightens the skin. In beauty salons not every woman can afford this procedure, because to maintain the beauty of the body, you must do at least once a week, and it is not very cheap. Therefore, many began to carry out such a procedure yourself at home.

Paraffin at home is not particularly difficult, because it is necessary to only a few components that can be purchased in a pharmacy, and in the Internet-shop. For its conduct will need paraffin bath or usual bath for hands, you also need pharmacy paraffin, several plastic bags and warm beauty gloves.

Парафинотерапия рук в домашних условиях Paraffin hand at home it’s very simple. On the hand, is applied to normal nourishing cream or balm, then in a dish poured the melted paraffin, he lowered his hands several times, so that they formed a thick layer of wax. Most importantly, do not forget that the paraffin should be warm, not hot, because of the very hot wax, can be severe burns. Then the hands dress plastic bags and cosmetic gloves. Keep all of this need not less than twenty minutes. Such a procedure should be carried out several times a week, so that his arms were gentle, soft and fine lines on them разглаживались and hand skin looks young and beautiful.

Paraffin facial at home is a little paraffin hand. For it we need paraffin bath which will be melted paraffin. His face is necessary to put a thick brush and a very thin layer. Then the layer of wax need to put a cosmetic mask or a gauze, with slits for the mouth, nose and eyes. Importantly, the eyes put on ватному disk, because around them very tender skin, which can hurt from the hot wax. After the mask, apply several layers of paraffin and leave for twenty to thirty minutes. 
Besides the fact that this procedure has become very popular among women and girls, as do children from the age of three. Paraffin therapy to children in the home done if the child suffers from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as with various bruises. In addition, paraffin therapy relieves pain. But this procedure can be done for children under the age of three years, because before that age the skin of children is very gentle, and instead of a positive effect, as it may cause damage.

Paraffin at home reviews has a very good and positive feedback, because a lot of the women felt its result. They note that the metabolism became better, skin sebaceous glands become better work, the skin becomes tender and more hydrated. DeLonghi coffee

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