Painting during pregnancy

Published admin Date: May 15th, 2014

Покраска во время беременностиAlmost every woman very often changes the style of his hair or change their hair color. But can you dye your hair during pregnancy. And what this may lead to consequences. A clear answer to this question, scientists cannot give. So it may be that the painting of hair during pregnancy shall not be harmful to the baby. But what should those women who before pregnancy was constantly wear makeup. And now grow hair roots, which are different from the main color. And if You in pregnancy, there was a special sensitivity to different outsiders or sharp smell it is better not to test his fate.

It should be noted that most experts recommend buying hair color without ammonia and without harmful chemical element. Because we all understand that paint with ammonia does not only beats down your hair, but absorbed into the scalp and investigative and in the blood, which in pregnancy can lead to unpredictable consequences. Paint without ammonia care of Your hair. Manufacturers use substances that reinforce color on the hair without damaging their structure. They seem to envelop hair, holding pigment, and make it Shine. Tonic for hair is a cosmetic that changes Your hair color for a few shades. He washed off, of course, faster than paint, but in turn does not harm the hair structure.
If you do highlighting it is quite the best way, because the paint is applied not on the very roots, and stepping back a couple of inches. And also You can discuss with your master, how better to do that would not cause great harm. Thus, not only can You lighten your hair but also practically paint them, because of the dilution of color of highlighted hair.

But if You have decided on the color of hair, it is better all the same will apply in area with good ventilation, lest You inhaled ammonia, and the results of chemical reactions of other colors (rarely in the cabin sits a man, and in such cases the purchase of paint without ammonia will not protect you from inhaling noxious fumes. In principle, every pregnant woman herself is able to solve need her to dye your hair or not. Very often, pregnant women want to look more beautiful still, so painting and grooming become nearly vital action. As You know, the mental state of pregnant women very much affects the whole process of pregnancy, so if You have a craving for improvement of the appearance – indulge in this. If You can wait and do without painting during pregnancy, it will be the best solution, but if not – make your choice of color without ammonia or tonic..
It would be nice the first months of pregnancy, to refrain from any paint the hair, because in this period, the formation of organs of the child
As they say, in order not to harm. And I think this rule for pregnant women will be the most important and not important concerns that only hair coloring during pregnancy or other Affairs.

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