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Manicure summer 2015

This article will talk about fashion nails summer 2015. Examine trends that can be identified and should pay attention to them, from the review of the work of the stylists who worked with images of models at fashion SS this year. Focus on manicure nails for summer 2015, because there is already a long-awaited warm weather, when the soul wants the sun and brightness. Fashionable and popular women’s magazine remains the Openwork. Trends manicure Read more “

The shape of nails “Soft square” – is a universal solution

Форма ногтей «Мягкий квадрат» - универсальное решение

There are several design options of the nail plate when performing nail treatments. Most popular nail shape “square”. Such nails can be painted in any color, choose any design for your nails, perform classic French and so Important to consider the type of hands, because hands full with short fingers square shape of the nail is inappropriate (visually shortens, makes your hands messy).

Shape soft square has developed a masters of nail service to attract customers to new ideas. This form combines a square and a simple oval, beautiful and convenient form relished almost all women.

How to become more feminine

Almost every woman thinks about how to become more feminine through clothing, it’s easier just to swap through your appearance. Note, you only wear the dress and shoes, and all of you in the image. Immediately there is a desire to change her hairstyle, make up and always wear makeup. So, femininity and style, what is it? A couple of nuances on how to become more feminine? Wanted Read more “

Pants womens

With the onset of autumn, all the women suddenly transformed, changing summer dresses to trousers. Pants for women is interesting, with the right combination of the article of clothing that perfectly complement the image, and if it is wrong to choose the size of women’s pants, to ruin it completely. After examining some of the recommendations, you will be able to combine women pants large size and small with any clothes. It is also very relevant in 2015 Read more “

Courses manicure and pedicure in the educational centre “the Leader”

Курсы маникюра и педикюра в образовательном центре "Лидер"

The profession the master of nail service over the last few years has gained immense popularity, especially among young girls. Regular folk can say that this is not a profession. It is not so! Professional nail technician should possess aesthetic taste, to have the skills of a psychologist and be able to bring beauty to all people. The beauty of the hands involves constant care for their health, using procedures of manicure.

Having received professional training in the field of nail service, every girl can regularly care for their hands, to have a job that brings income and moral satisfaction, to build your business in the service sector, which will become a fact of life. Modern women (and many men too) want to be beautiful always, therefore, the business of manicurist will be in demand more than one season. The training is an investment, for the development and creation of your business!

How to look stylish

There is a saying “if you Want to look stylish – forget about fashion.” The sense of style does not affect the mod, it is given to man by birth. People who have a sense of style know that there is no need to look like a model at the last fashion show, these dresses are not for everyone and sit beautifully on each figure. So, how to look stylish and beautiful at the same time. The wardrobe of a stylish girl picked up in Read more “

The procedure of gluing nails

There are cases that before some important event in fingernails may not be very favorable condition, or one of the nails could be broken. No need to panic and run to the salon: the situation can be remedied at home using stickers, rhinestones, and invoices . They will not only gain a new view, but the money will remain in your wallet.

Skirts for women

If before you there was a question about which to prefer women skirts 2015, first of all, examine the collection of women’s skirts 2014, based on the information received, you can make a choice. So, in the modern fashion market dominated by sexuality and freedom, so all the clothes must be light. Skirts are an invariable attribute of street fashion summer, so you can safely go for the fitting of such clothing. Women’s skirts photos Read more “

Women suits

If a woman prefers to use the suit as a garment, this variant, in particular, highlights the features of the female image. The women’s costume is used for different purposes, for example, women’s business suit is ideal for interviews or to hike in any serious institution. It is important to choose the right costume for women to buy the option that will not gather dust in a closet, for each case of their own. So, Read more “

Fashion items

Most popular brands have already shown their collections for the upcoming season at fashion demonstrations. This suggests that to date, you can freely define 2015 fashion items. In the coming season we see photos of fashion items, which indicate that outfit to be in trend, and therefore should be concise line and the free edge. For the convenience of looking at the photos suggest that you buy a lamp-magnifier. Dresses with Read more “