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Delicate Nude manicure – ideas for design

Нежный маникюр Nude – идеи для дизайна

Recently has become popular manicure in the style of the nude. This means modesty, purity, the nakedness, naturalness, etc. But despite the simplicity, the nude manicure is beautiful and varied. For manicure in the style of minimalism, use paints delicate shades of pink, light shades of brown, light beige, peach shades, the color of milk, etc.


Manicure 2015 fashion trends photos spring summer

Nail trends are more stable than the trends in clothing. In today’s market nail no annual unique novelties, in spite of this, stylists try something new and interesting for women’s nails. Therefore, fashion nails spring summer 2015 is not limited to red cover and classic French. In this paper we consider the actual color of the nail Polish spring summer 2015 and modern style. So, first Read more “

Prom dress

Prom night is one of the most important events in a girl’s life, the day she moves to the next stage of his life. On this day every woman has the desire to look perfect and for this you must choose the right dress, shoes, makeup and hair. But as you know, the choice of dress of the fair half of mankind fit most seriously. So, consider the latest trends and Read more “

Nail design for summer 2015

With the arrival of a new season every woman cares about what manicure to do to be in trend. So, learn the latest nail design for summer 2015. Determine for yourself options nail design summer 2015 photo French and pick the most suitable her art for yourself, which is perfect under your uniform, the usual way. If you are a busy girl, you need to examine the design of nails gel nail polishes Read more “

Nails summer 2015 photo

Beautiful manicure manicured fingers are the key to success to every woman who aspires to the highest. Each of us knows how important the appearance of this body part. The main feature manicured hands as a trendy manicure, which meets the latest requirements of the modern world of beauty. So, how to look trendy nails for summer 2015 photo let’s Start with the actual shape and length of the nail plate. In the upcoming season, in a trend Read more “

Manicure summer 2015 fashion trends

So, I want to start with the fact that a manicure plays a role in the final image of the ladies. Therefore, the implementation of manicure should be treated seriously, it is important to follow all the rules and guidelines for its application, then you should pay attention to its combination with make-up, clothes and uniform way. To begin with, what color to choose to stay in trend. Manicure shellac summer 2015 fashion trends photos Read more “

Fashion nails summer 2015

Every fashionista knows that today it has become fashionable to wear short nails, naturalness is the main fashion trends, and in connection with extensions, long nails left in the distant past. Manicure summer 2015 fashion trends designed by stylists mainly on nails minimum length, invented multiple variety of design options. Images and lines on short nails appear as attractive Read more “

Manicure ideas for summer 2015 photo

With the arrival of the warm period, every lady is keenly aware of the desire to feel beautiful. And many of us decide to start with a manicure and rightly so. After all, every year the changing trends, fashion includes new colors and shades as well as materials and technologies for coating. For example, for a long period of time it became fashionable Manicure for summer 2015 French in custom colors or trendy Read more “

How to dress fashionably

Current fashion trends at an incredible rate follow each other, and sometimes it seems that to keep up with them is impossible. It is quite difficult to keep a track of new items, you need to regularly examine the rubric of fashionable dress photo. In this regard, a large number of females wonder how to dress fashionable and stylish in any season, while not changing every month wardrobe. It is important to know Read more “

Boots high heel

Boots high heel for women not only can decorate and enhance any image. They add style and sophistication to any outfit, this is the reason for the popular use of this type of footwear. Womens winter jackets undoubtedly necessary attribute, the choice of which is not less important, and the model and color of the jacket must often be taken into consideration in the boots, which is also important. So, buy high Read more “