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Nails autumn 2015 new items

If we talk about the fashion of past decades, there we were able to find only clothes and accessories on the market today beauty designers try to create a single images: makeup, hair, outfit, nails, accessories and shoes. Now a variety of new nail design fall 2015 can be found on the Internet or look in a magazine. For example, several years ago, we had a choice between the classic Read more “

New year’s manicure 2016 – the year of the Monkey (photos)

Новогодний маникюр 2016 – год Обезьяны (фото)

New year! This is the biggest holiday for adults, so in this magic night everything must be perfect: make-up, outfit, festive menu, Christmas home decor and of course the manicure. The year of the Wooden Sheep will be replaced by the Red Fire Monkey, and will dominate in the new 2016. Hands will be on view during the entire celebration, and the manicure will be the main focus in the outfit.


Nails French fall 2015

Not all women understand the value of well-groomed hands and can afford to go to the store or in the evening with that ill-fitting manicure on nails, thinking that “nobody will notice”. However, I would like to say that it is in the hands of the watch in the first place. Therefore, this article is devoted to the theme “nail Design French, fall 2015, photos”. In this case the main thing neat and tidy, but important Read more “

Design short nails fall 2015

Autumn is a time when all living things in nature is preparing for winter hibernation, but this does not mean that people should be less active. It shows completely the opposite: you need all sorts of ways to fight depression and to banish sadness. Best female way to combat the Blues is a manicure. Design short nails fall 2015 photo provided show how much can be a beautiful manicure on the nail Read more “

Nail design shellac fall 2015

Beautiful Paulownia humanity carefully observes all the fashion trends not only in clothing but also in makeup, and, of course, nails. Therefore, with the onset of the new season, they desperately becomes a question of what nail design to choose. Shellac photos of the new 2015 autumn as always at the height of its popularity because the growing demand for Biogel coating. Examine in detail the new shellac photo Read more “

Nail design autumn

Nail designs for fall 2015 photo novelties can ensure the originality and good humor even the most avid fashionistas. This breakthrough caused by a variety of patterns and colors. On the first line remains nail design shellac photos of the new 2015 autumn type of decoration French manicure, also still relevant is the performance of the strips and lines, if desired, nails can be decorated with bright touches. Experts recommend to prefer thick or Read more “

Fashion nails autumn-winter 2015-2016 (photo)

Модный маникюр осень-зима 2015-2016 (фото)

In every new season has a fashion line concerning the nail industry, namely the color of the varnish, nail shape, length, etc. Fashion nails autumn-winter 2015-2016 will be pleased with the variety. Following our advice, every woman will become irresistible.

Fashionable design nail-fall-winter 2015-1016 (photo)


Модный дизайн ногтей осень-зима 2015-1016 (фото)

Held in Paris, Milan, new York and London fashion Week has presented a trendy collection of clothing, footwear, fashion accessories. Not the last place in the way of models occupied hairstyles, makeup and manicure. A manicure is a worthy decoration for any female character! In the new season, the focus will be classical manicure and new trends in nail design autumn / winter 2015.

Pictures mehndi

Mehndi is the original Indian name of henna. Pictures mehndi photos is a body painting using henna. Easy mehndi drawings represent a therapeutic and spiritual procedure, for this reason mehndi in no case should not be applied quickly. In Indian culture more importance is the symbolism, so mehndi speaks the language of symbols. Pictures mehndi sketches made in Pakistan or India are the most Read more “

Light patterns on the nails

Light patterns on the nails for beginners All of the opinion that to paint on nails can only master with experience and a sufficient level of skill. Actually, there are easy designs on nails that you can paint yourself. A lot of videos on how to draw designs on your nails at home. Actually there is nothing complicated, because the patterns varnish on Read more “