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Choosing a wedding manicure

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  The image of the bride is created in many ways. It is also important, and how will it look like the handle – it ringswith dressing all the attention is switched on them. View manicure largely determines the bride’s dress. Perhaps the best design and shape of the nails will help you choose the manicurist. I want to announce to you the most popular to date versions of the wedding manicure. “Lace” – a design on the “Aquarium”, which is very popular today. He performed with gel, acrylic, or created using fabric that is suitable for your platyu.Liderom, of course, is a French manicure. It can be created as   Read more »

Colorful French manicure

Colorful French manicure

  French manicure – is a design that is always relevant, and most importantly, suitable for any style and color. It is performed in a completely different colors and variations, using all modern means of design. Our site includes photographs, perhaps, the jacket all the options, such as colored French manicure, two and three-color French manicure, French manicure with mica, solid, “classic” jacket, french with a picture, and much more. If you want to try to create a French manicure, you just need to learn to paint on the tip of the regrown nail white stripes in the form of the Moon (still call it a smile) with a   Read more »

Sakura on nails

Sakura on nails

At small length French manicure square marked tender and flavorful cherry twigs. The result had been an incredibly fresh, original and beautiful manicure. Suitable for any outfit. A source of inspiration – Japanese tree.Sakura – one of the most populyarnuh trees in the world. There are over 350 varieties and 15 species of cherry.During his tsvteteniya it affects the tenderness and beauty, creates a special atmosphere of joy and bliss. That is why very often in the pictures that symbolize heaven portray it up. In almost all fields of art using motifs Sakura -did not avoid this trend, and nail art.

Options for a wedding manicure – Part 2

Свадебный френч

If you do decide to build your nails – contact an experienced specialist. He will do it with quality materials, will select the most appropriate form for you, and rasskazhevat how to care for them (special care is required, but there are nuances.) Interenet is replete with photographs of the consequences of mismanagement of poor quality materialama capacity, and the consequences thereafter. So   Read more »

Consider options for a wedding manicure

Свадебный дизайн

  In the girl’s wedding day is especially beautiful! In it everything is perfect! Looking at her friends, relatives, or simply passers-by people who notices everything – the hair and the dress and shoes, and of course the manicure. King Louis Philippe of France was the first handsome, he’s the daily exercise introduced in ladies and men’s facial, hand and nails. Since then   Read more »