Nails Design

Master – class nail design number 8

Master Class nails

Step 1. Create a foundation. It will be pink and white jacket.Emphasize the black paint with a fine brush line “Smile.” After that,draw a checkerboard grid on the white part of the nail, leaving apure white patches on the sides. Step 2. Sketch grid cells of gray, pink and black paint. Make a shortbrush. Step 3. From above, the resulting pattern of white paint to drawanother grid, but a big step. Draw latch. Step 4. Black acrylic doing two strips in the form of drops, andfasten them on the line ulybki.Poluchenny belt along the contouroutlines of silver paint. She also paint the holes. From acrylic beadscreate kryazhechku, and dress it on the strap. Cover strap lockingmeans.

Master – class nail design number 7

Master - class nail design

Step 1. Apply the white paint. Dried. Make a transparent blue paintstrokes to get interesting iridescent substrate. Step 2. Pink and blue paint brush, paint the same form of a butterfly’s wings. Step 3. The same brush, paint with black paint outlines of the wings, antennae and body. To make the drawing more air, put white paintDOTS series of dots on the calf to the edge of the wings. Step 4. In a corner of the nail a piece of lace-making. In the corner of the nail creating a lace corner. Brief brush with white paint,crosswise, and add scallop edge and shamrocks. Design Fixfixative.

Master – class nail design number 6

Master - class nail design

Step 1. From the bottom of nail nail paint roller across themulticolored stripes. The color palette is arbitrary. Step 2. Before drying the same brush (clean) make smooth movements up and vnih how-to draw a paint, and thus stretching them over each other. Step 3. Put a layer of fixative. We provide dry. Step 4. Put the acrylic floral pattern. Color – arbitrary, but must be combined with the background. That the substrate is not “sticky”, acrylic, take your napkins (paper), so that the ball a little bit dry.Cover design is not required.

Master – class nail design number 5

Master - class nail design

Step 1. Causes a layer of white nail polish, giving dry. Take a flatbrush, and paint three stripes – purple green and blue paint. Make aline of such thickness that the sides were visible white stripes. Step 2. Middle, with a fine brush to paint the nail strips across thewhite paint. Step 3. Take the shortest brush and sereliny nail to the free edge ofthe strip paint from a white, yellow, orange, red, and “close” orange.Selection of colors – it just your taste. Step 4. Draws the dividing line between the black color to get, as it were fire svechmi. Step 5. The resulting designs are covered by fixing the gel (or any other locking means) to our drawing for   Read more »

Master – class nail design number 4

Step 1. Causes a layer of white nail polish, giving dry. After that, the lower roller to the free edge of the draw broad bands of yellow, orange, red paint (other colors can be combined, such as blue violetblue, or green palette to choose a client). Doing it with a flat brush. Step 2. We agree with the color stripes of black paint. Divide the length of the nail into two pieces, about respecting the proportions of the free edge. Make this etam with a thin, long brushes. Step 3. In parallel, the dividing line, we make several more in the end on the free edge should   Read more »

Master – class nail design number 3

Master - class nail design

Этап 1. Покрываем ногти белым лаком, даем высохнуть. После высыхания розовой акриловой краской рисуем линии разной толщины. Делаем это короткой кистью. Этап 2. Дублируем рисунок краской менее яркого оттенка. За счет этого мы наш рисунок выглядит оббьемным. Этап 3. Той же кистью, но уже фиолетовой краской рисуем линии, переплетающие наш узор. Выборочно линии завершаем листиками. Делаем прорисовку золотой краской, чтобы   Read more »

Master Class, the design number 2

Master Class, the design number 2

Step 1. Apply the gel layer on the nail (or any other locking cover) and on top of him lay out a layer of gold (silver can) tear-off foil.Short brush paint black paint flowers frame two, the line “smile”, and fill the remaining sites svobonye black paint. Step 2. Red paint, using the same brush, draws another line, “Smile”, only slightly below the fundamental. Step 3. Red acrylic paint midway draws flowers and leaves. Step 4. Using a short brush with green paint to add a few greenleaves, and with the help of black paint create a volume of flowers and leaves. Step 5. The resulting designs are covered by fixing the gel (or any other locking means) to our   Read more »

Master – class nail design number 1

Master class on nail design

Step 1. Paint your nails with white polish. Dry them. Put a layer oflight, and lay the lace on the free edge of the nail. Step 2. Take a long, thin brush and paint with black paint chaoticgeometric pattern, chotorye makes the nail plate, as it were”broken” like a mirror. Step 3. The resulting paint over paint the triangles of different colors(you can do as a random rainbow colors and choose the color of thedress or the accessories the client). It’s easier to dokinzhaloobraznoy brush. Try not to paint razelyayuschuyu line forclarity and beauty of the picture, but if you have not quite turned out -accurately podppravte line. Step 4. The same   Read more »

Crystal nails

crystal nails

Hands of women often attract the attention of the male half of humanity. Therefore, it is important for women to care for your hands properly. Nowadays, women work alongside men (and sometimes even more), and therefore does not always grow the nails of the desired length, and even harder to make sure that they did not break. Artificial nails became mega-popular procedure   Read more »

Flowers on nails

Flowers on nails

Flower thread is very popular in the design and painting of nails. Flowers painted as onenail, and at all 10. They can be combined with a French manicure, and perform a fewtechniques. This photograph shows another job Ishchuk Julia. On the purple jacket lined with gold-colored mica. Flowers are made on the technique of Chinese painting in white and purple palette.