Nails Design

Natural food dyes

Very often modern housewife want to cook such things of interest, for example, multi-colored cookies. This raises the question of where to get the dye, and so as not to harm your health. To help you use natural food dyes. Range of natural and synthetic dyes can be found here. In the same article, pay more attention to natural food dyes. How to make natural food dyes? Let’s start with Read more “

Coffee machine

It all depends on your preferred method of brewing coffee. There are plenty of recipes, and each of them to exercise not just. And that the machine be surprised by varieties of technical solutions. Any single form exists, and each reflects on the development of the best kitchen appliances. Most users prefer the delonghi coffee machine esam 4000. However, this is something that we think still early, we will study the nuances of choice Read more “

Women’s plus size clothing

After reviewing all the details of the choice of the clothing, lady can afford to waive compliance with diet and visits the gym for the purpose of intensive training in it. It can acquire a slim and charming appearance due to the fact that it is right to select outfits. Today, it’s easy to do. Fashion trends and the latest trend is changeable, and dramatically. Now thinness is not considered attractive. Designers interested in lush Read more “

Coating Meeks

In today’s market beauty recently appeared Hollywood minx manicure, it is important to note that he immediately became current among the stars of show business. This is justified as the coverage of the Meeks — this is an interesting technology that provides for the attachment of a special sticker to the nail, used for this purpose is a UV lamp. The advantages of coating Meeks In the first place, it should be noted a huge range of colors (about 350). Then select Read more “

Fashion nails spring-summer 2016 (photo)

Модный маникюр весна-лето 2016 (фото)

Beautiful hands of a woman – that’s all! The hands were always visible and they need regular grooming, especially with the arrival of the warm season. Ladies try to regularly look reviews fashion trends not only in makeup and clothes, but also nails. Consider some of the main trends of the new season, which will be suitable for all women. Your own style for the season “spring-summer 2016” choose you!


Fashionable design nail spring-summer 2016 (photo)

Модный дизайн ногтей весна-лето 2016 (фото)

In today’s world woman have to observe certain rules, among which the care of hands holds a special place. It is not enough to look beautiful, you need to follow the fashion trends and try to imitate the icons of style and fashion. This article will detail the fashion trends in the world of design of nails spring-summer 2016.

Hairstyles for prom

As you know, prom is for the girls along with the wedding is also important and exciting. Therefore every girl strive to have a flawless appearance this evening. It is important that not only the outfit and the shoes, manicure, makeup and decorations. But, you also need to carefully consider hairstyles for prom photo, remember the main rule, the hair   Read more »

Grey manicure ideas for nail design (photo)

Серый маникюр - идеи для дизайна ногтей (фото)

Grey is usually associated with gray weekdays, sadness, austerity, etc. Manicures will help to take another look at the grey overall. Grey manicure will give the image of style, elegance, restraint and delicacy. Gray has many shades and tones that enhances the features of the wizard to bring to life the most beautiful design.

Gray is easy to highlight the originality of the clothes, expression, makeup, manicure versatility. Gray coating for nails can be used as independent design and Foundation designs and patterns. The more gray shades can be combined with other colors of the rainbow.

Fashion trends 2015

With the coming of every new season, women begin to be interested in what happens in the coming year. Which shoes is better to prefer, what to wear, what cosmetics to use it, and under what outfit to pick up accessories. I would like to say about the new creme Collagene 3d. Professor of Russian cosmetics for face and body based on native collagen trehserijnogo. Medical Collagene 3D is the leading brand of professional cosmetics Read more “

How to make the shape of nails “almond”: tips for beginners

Как сделать форму ногтей «миндаль»: советы начинающим

Modern manicure is not just the nail, is a science of beauty. Not all of them have beautiful shape of nail and therefore can be corrected with the help of several tools.

There are several types for correcting nail shapes, but the most popular is almond. This form is considered a classic and stays on top of the fashion trends for several seasons. Its name this form is received due to the similarity with almonds. To do almond shape nails not just: the absence of sharp corners, the middle of the nail more than the edges. It is very important to nail form on all the nails was the same.