Nails Design

Fashionable design nail – fall-winter 2013-2014

A real woman cannot live without a well-groomed skin of the hands and nails, that is, without a manicure. Nail design, you can determine how a woman’s taste and style. Modern masters of nail service offer customers a wide choice of various designs nails, decorative paints , materials and techniques. This article will introduce you with fashionable design trends for nail in the season autumn-winter 2013-2014.

How to remove stretch marks

Stretch marks on your skin usually appear after birth, breast feeding, if the dialed weight person sharply decided to lose weight. Just depends on the skin, if the skin is elastic, elastic, stretch marks will be easy to get rid of. Stretch marks in the chest, abdomen, buttocks. It is easier to prevent the appearance of stretch marks than the long-term treatment and long to get rid of them. By the color of the stretch marks are white, pink, even   To read further »

Jump rope for slimming

Everyone who at least once in life attended classes at the fitness club, could draw attention to the fact that the schedule is the type of training, called скиппинг («skipping»). Actually this unfamiliar word is well-known since childhood view charging – jumping with a skipping-rope. After carried out of studies on volunteers, scientists have proved that this children’s game is actually for adults incredibly   To read further »

Soda for weight loss

People make up a lot of unusual and the most incredible ways to combat obesity-drink diuretic, laxative, and some vinegar to drink.” For many words that baking soda can help with weight loss seem ridiculous and implausible. But actually it not so. Soda consists of a substance sodium bicarbonate, which helps to reduce the excess weight but is worth a penny, especially   To read further »

Xenical slimming

The presence of slight excess weight can upset any person and encourage him to any serious steps diet, exercise, pills and means of untraditional medicine. But the problem of obesity often puts the patient in a deadlock. Physical education no power to limit myself to eat does not, фитотератипия inactive, some medications may cause irreparable harm to the body. Meanwhile, the Swiss drug xenical   To read further »

Nail – types and materials

Not all women perfect nails. Some are lucky nature, nails have a beautiful, the correct form, not exfoliate and do not break. But there are other women who spend their lives suffer from reinforcing instruments for nails, vitamins, and still can’t achieve the desired result. And he inevitably comes to mind extend nails. Most often from idea to actual capacity may   To read further »

Water Sassi recipe

Now after watching various рекламок and фразочек about super diet Alla Pugacheva Svetlana Пермяковой and other stars of show business, decided to look, what is water Sassi. Water Sassi this cocktail, which became the present opening 2013. It successfully combines the beneficial ingredients, it accelerates the metabolism in the body, helps the work of stomach, improves the General condition of the organism, skin, hair and nails.   To read further »

The properties of amino acids

Scientists from the USA, a country where there is the greatest percentage of overweight people, recently conducted research. The results showed that salvation can provide amino acids slimming – substances which in sports nutrition actively used for muscle growth and weight gain. Paradox? It is only at first glance. In fact everything is explained very simply. What are amino acids, and what is their role?   To read further »

Diet after Pevzner

Modern doctors, alas, prioritize drug therapy, because they consider the patient’s organism as a whole. In most cases, treatment is subjected to a specific organ or system, struck by the disease. And the way of life of the patient, his nutrition and thinking proper attention is not given. Meanwhile, the diet after Pevzner is a reasonable approach to treatment of various diseases, which is capable not only to prevent aggravation of the situation and   To read further »

Eyebrows, lips, eyes

Every girl dreams to be beautiful at any time of day, regardless of make-up, sleep and nutrition. And, surprisingly enough, but there is an easier way. And it’s called permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is a long – term make-up, which is achieved by injection under the skin (no deeper than 1 cm) organic paint. In another way, this makeup is called tattooing of the lips, eyebrows, eyelid tattoos. This makeup deliver   To read further »