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Nail design autumn 2016 gel Polish

If you are a representative of the beautiful half of humanity, then you obviously are curious about what kind of nail design gel Polish fall autumn 2016 relevant in the upcoming season. So, now we will carefully study all kinds of trendy options for nail art. In the coming autumn-winter period in fashion includes luxurious and the most interesting colors coating: bright, neat manicure in combination with extravagant patterns and varied decorations. Heyday Read more “

Blue manicure ideas for nail design (photo)

Синий маникюр - идеи для дизайна ногтей (фото)

Blue is a universal color! It fits perfectly with any fashionable design all seasons. While blue is associated with sea surf, the blue of the evening sky somewhere over the vast field with blue cornflowers and forget-me-nots…

To join in a fashionable blue style will help not only the beauty of nature, but beautiful blue manicure. In the heat of summer it will give a features woman during date night, while relaxing on the beach, in the workplace, etc.

Blue nail Polish perfect for a sundress, light pants, denim shorts, evening dresses, etc. the Universal cover on nails, made in blue tones, is a favorite nail Polish for the summer, and not only of the season. The blue color may seem boring at first glance, but it is absolutely not true. This color can be combined with any other colors and vivid floral prints.

Fashion nails fall-winter 2016-2017 (photo)

Модный маникюр осень-зима 2016-2017 (фото)

The beginning of a new season always heralds something new and beautiful, not only in the fashion world. Fashion manicure maybe a few seasons in a row to recommend one design and maybe change it a few times a year. The beginning of autumn not so radical to substantially change the designs on the nails, especially since spring and summer manicures have not had time to get bored fashionistas. So what manicure is fashionable in the season autumn-winter 2016-2017.


Trendy nail design fall-winter 2016-2017

Модный дизайн ногтей осень-зима 2016-2017

To create an image of fashionable and stylish beauty, it is not difficult, you just need to follow the fashion trends. With the arrival of the new season and new items appear in the design of, and priorities in paints that will be placed on the nails. In the season autumn-winter 2016-2017 permanent trend will be natural! Designers recommend modest makeup, light curls in the styling and of course, simple but beautiful nail designs.

Carrot facial mask

Effective, affordable and easy cosmetic product, such as carrot mask for face is plural variations. This tool is quite popular, so as a year-round carrots can be purchased for a reasonable price. In the winter time, few will be found vegetables and fruits that are most suitable to act as a basis for cosmetic masks. Carrot mixture, is useful in that it contains the maximum nutritional Read more “

Coconut oil for hair use

For pressed coconut oil, which has useful cosmetic properties, are dried and ground flesh of a coconut. In the times of Cleopatra rich beauties were applied coconut oil to improve the appearance of hair, as a valuable moisturizing, nourishing and rejuvenating natural remedy. Today there is a choice among cosmetic products but the coconut oil has not lost its relevance. This product is quite affordable, and any woman can Read more “

What is so good Belarusian knitwear

Since ancient times garment factory Belarus sewn Jersey, during this time the technology has been improved, which positively influenced the quality of the material. Through such progress, the Belarusian knitwear was launched into the international market. Today, hosiery products, produced in Belarus, are supplied, as in the CIS countries and Europe. It is important to note that in Belarus can be found Read more “

Knitted manicure

If you want to stay in trend this winter, you should definitely become familiar with how to perform the “cozy” knitted manicure. A variation of the execution exist in the plural. Even inexperienced hands can master them with ease. Feature manicure of this type is the fact that the technique called “crochet manicure” came to us from last year. Ladies all over the world immediately took her in the frame. Read more “

Hair mask with vitamins

To maintain the health and beauty of curl, of course, you can use ready-made products for hair care. However, the beauty of hair is directly affected by the condition of the body. Here we come to the rescue of vitamin complexes. Vitamins can be taken not only inside. They are suitable for use externally, by making masks, directly rubbing the hair roots or add to your shampoo. To this end it is necessary to use vitamins B6, B2, Read more “

Face mask with activated carbon

Activated carbon used as a sorbent for the stomach and intestines in case of poisoning, drug overdose, or diarrhea. However, the role of external agent it can also be used. Activated charcoal is so effective is able to act if there are problems with the skin, it can help you to cope with all the defects of a cosmetic nature. To get this natural medicine, exercise perejil several breeds Read more “