Nails Design

Eyelash at home

For anybody not a secret, that beautiful eyelashes can be a highlight of any woman. Eyes, framed by thick eyelashes like a precious stone in an expensive frame. However, not every woman can boast that nature has luxurious lashes. In addition to genes in roulette shop matter living conditions and the amount of vitamins in the body. If a person with insufficient quantity will consume vitamins   To read further »

Ultrasonic face cleaning

This cleansing is carried out to clean the pores, using a special apparatus, which directly affects the skin of the ultrasound waves. Plus the cleaning that is not warming or распаривать the skin after the procedure no redness and inflammation, edema as the case with mechanical cleansing. Ultrasonic cleaning of face skin is applied: – oily skin; a dull complexion; – enlarged pores; – small   To read further »

Mesotherapy face

The older a person becomes, the more you want to skin care. You need to look carefully, use quality cosmetics, carry out procedures to enhance the facial skin. But, unfortunately, the years take their toll and there is no escape from those wrinkles around the beautiful eyes, sagging skin, chin wrinkles on the forehead, расплывшийся oval of the face. To help in such situations comes mesotherapy face. Mesotherapy actively   To read further »

Mechanical face cleaning

Mechanical face cleaning is applied when not possible cleaning of the skin, when neither scrubs, no peelings. This procedure can be performed at any type of a skin at any age, it really helps and adolescents. Mechanical cleaning can be carried out not only with acne, the skin should look good and should be periodically cleaned of dead cells that skin has received the needed nutrition, vitamins. After all, if   To read further »

Vacuum anti-cellulite massage

Many girls before you go on vacation, want to bring your body in order. After you have planned a trip, taking advice, you can be taken for the removal of the orange peel (cellulite on your body. If there was cellulite, from him so quickly to get rid of. Of course, you can close your eyes and ignore cellulite, but the skin is covered with a crust and mounds view unpleasant. If   To read further »

HP shampoo

The desire to have beautiful hair was all. Shimmering in the sun and on the curls, the dream of any woman. About healthy hair can not only dream, but to implement in reality. This is possible because in the fight for beauty hair becomes horsepower shampoo. The advantage of shampoo. In what it consists? With him you are one step closer to achieving the shiny look. Our hair, could not be often subjected to   To read further »


Cold treatment in medicine are used successfully for many years. Women, girls used frozen ice cubes that would refresh the skin of a person to give a glow and elasticity. Криолифтинг gives a good rejuvenating effect is equivalent to a facelift, but with the use of cold, is used dry mixture, but not water. Криолифтинг person is used for various skin conditions: – in the treatment of scars; – for oily   To read further »

Myostimulation person

If there is an opportunity to rejuvenate the skin, you can use such procedure as myostimulation person. This is a very simple and painless procedure. Through certain parts of the body cosmetologist with electrodes skips the current, thereby fabric starts to shrink, increases blood circulation and metabolic processes in the skin, such a procedure tones up the skin. Muscles start to work, the skin looks healthy and fresh. Everyone knows that using the current   To read further »

Mask eye wrinkle

Smooth and well-groomed skin has always been a subject of pride of any woman. Along with this, many female would also keep its natural youth. For anybody not a secret, that the beauty of the skin is constant care and attention. And before many female task is to preserve your natural youth. Very relevant in solving this issue-wrinkle mask   To read further »

How to teach the child to the potty

How to teach the child to the potty Child grows, learns more about the world and learns, there comes a time when we should teach the child to use the potty. When and how to accustom the child to the potty is a debatable question, and there’s a certain period, when the need to do this. Kids are different, there are weakened by illness, and can be and mental retardation, you have to proceed from the abilities of the child. We come to the conclusion   To read further »