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Manicure autumn 2016

Manicure autumn 2016

Our era is a period of interesting trends and modern technologies, it is listed in manicure, makeup, clothes, even the styles of interior decoration. Stop for a manicure today, there are practically no women who don’t take care of their hands. The main rule of a beautiful, well-groomed hands is considered a quality manicure. After the meeting we serve, each other hand; talking, you may raise your hand. Trends manicure autumn Read more “

Design trends nail 2017

Тенденции дизайна ногтей 2017

Without any spectacular design of nails stylish lady does not feel comfortable. To radiate confidence, you should consider the clothes, make-up, hairstyle, and manicure. But to build an actual option need to know fashion trends.

Manicure autumn 2016 fashion trends

Manicure autumn 2016 fashion trends

With the advent of new pores women wonder nail Polish, and now the most important question is “manicure autumn 2016 fashion trends photo”. First and foremost, our eyes catch nails, so you need to remember that a woman can go out without makeup, but not with worn or chipped varnish on her nails. It is important to note that the brilliant manicure 2016 fashion trends fall photos, autumn depression Read more “

Manicure Japanese

Маникюр по-японски

Even if a woman is beautiful, but the nails are well maintained – this is bad form. Women, as far as possible, should always follow the condition of their hands and nails.

Technique of Japanese manicure is borrowed from the East. Japanese geisha have long been known for their white skin, long black silky hair and manicured handles with a nice understated manicure.

Fashionable manicure autumn 2015

Fashionable manicure autumn 2015

Every modern woman knows to look perfect, not necessarily every day to invest in yourself enormous sums of money, you just need to regularly monitor their appearance. And the main part great the appearance is fashionable manicure autumn 2016 photo design of nails suggests that the main feature of this manicure is well-groomed hands. We all know that first and foremost, in the opinion rush is hands, Read more “

Christmas nail design 2017 – manicure in the year of the Rooster (photo)

Новогодний дизайн ногтей 2017 – маникюр в год Петуха

Soon, soon the New 2017! According to the Eastern calendar after the Monkey takes over the reins bright, emotional and communicative Fiery Cock. Pre-holiday preparations include not only the list of dishes and clothes, it is very important to look perfect. An integral part of new year’s image is a beautiful Christmas design nail 2017.

Nail effect “broken glass”

Маникюр с эффектом "битое стекло"

Using a beautiful manicure every fashionistas has the opportunity to emphasize your individuality and attractiveness. Not long ago, the manicurist began to offer the unusual design of the nails – broken glass or broken mirror. What is it? This is a beautiful manicure, using different pieces of foil or mica, which form the bulk pattern, resembling shards of broken glass or mirrors.

Nail design autumn 2016

Nail design autumn 2016

With the arrival of autumn nature slowly slow breath, preparing for the winter sleep. The brightness of the leaves on the trees and grass gradually gives way to gray tones of naked trunks and wet asphalt. But every woman should know the secrets of the fight against melancholy nature and required to be able to paint your image with bright colors. The most effective method is to choose a fun nail design, fall 2016 photo novelties French offers to dilute … Read more “

Nail design autumn 2016 gel Polish

Nail design autumn 2016 gel Polish

If you are a representative of the beautiful half of humanity, then you obviously are curious about what kind of nail design gel Polish fall autumn 2016 relevant in the upcoming season. So, now we will carefully study all kinds of trendy options for nail art. In the coming autumn-winter period in fashion includes luxurious and the most interesting colors coating: bright, neat manicure in combination with extravagant patterns and varied decorations. Heyday Read more “

Blue manicure ideas for nail design (photo)

Синий маникюр - идеи для дизайна ногтей (фото)

Blue is a universal color! It fits perfectly with any fashionable design all seasons. While blue is associated with sea surf, the blue of the evening sky somewhere over the vast field with blue cornflowers and forget-me-nots…

To join in a fashionable blue style will help not only the beauty of nature, but beautiful blue manicure. In the heat of summer it will give a features woman during date night, while relaxing on the beach, in the workplace, etc.

Blue nail Polish perfect for a sundress, light pants, denim shorts, evening dresses, etc. the Universal cover on nails, made in blue tones, is a favorite nail Polish for the summer, and not only of the season. The blue color may seem boring at first glance, but it is absolutely not true. This color can be combined with any other colors and vivid floral prints.