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Sugar scrub

To prepare sugar body scrub you will need to be a sweet, lover of different scents and oils. Sugar scrub at home to do very simple, and it absolutely will not differ from the purchase. Sugar crab body is a great tool because it gently cleanses the skin without damaging it. One of the types of scrubs is ice Read more “

Chocolate wrap – what are the contraindications?

Wraps, get rid of cellulite is currently very popular. The most popular among women is especially chocolate wrap. This procedure not only has anti-cellulite effect, but also relaxing, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory. Indications for chocolate wraps are age spots; cellulite; depression, anxiety; acne rosacea; weight problems after childbirth; metabolic disorders; needs moisture the skin. If at least one of the following items is applicable Read more “

Lose weight quickly with salt English!

In the modern world people are persistently struggling with being overweight, strive for a healthy diet and lifestyle. And rightly so! But do not forget that not all the recipes and tips that help you lose weight, harmless to the body. It is therefore necessary to use proven methods and tips. One such product is Epsom salt, which has long been used to combat obesity. Epsom salt, Read more “

What is egg diet Maggie?

Egg diet Maggie helps to get rid of 10-18 kg for four weeks, depending on the characteristics of each organism and the initial weight. Diet in the diet is carefully selected to stimulate the elimination of toxins and burning fat cells. To achieve a good effect, you need to clearly follow the scheme and if there will be a shift in meal scheme, you have to start all over again. Need to drink Read more “

Buckwheat diet

Diet, diet, diet. Dazzle them all Newspapers, magazines and the Internet! And the use of them is almost there. To remove the extra weight is very difficult, but still possible With the help of mono. As well as exercise and sleep And then put on a favorite style. Want slim to celebrate summer? Slim with buckwheat diet! Buckwheat diet recipe simple. Eat sugar, drink water. Keep the post. Recipe buckwheat diet for Read more “

Metformin for weight loss instructions

To quickly reset the hated those extra pounds people go at all. Sometimes even using the drugs that are used quite other diseases. For example, Metformin or glucophage is coated tablets which are prescribed in the treatment of diabetes of the second type in adults. Before taking medication, you should be familiar with the contraindications and side effects. Metformin for weight loss instruction is not suitable for people who have: Read more “

Week buckwheat diet

The most simple, effective and safe diet buckwheat. Its basis is buckwheat. Diet will quickly relieve you of excess weight will help to cleanse the body of toxins. That will certainly have an impact on improving your health. Due to the fact that buckwheat is a very nourishing diet is easy and well tolerated. In addition buckwheat diet is will update the condition of your skin. Buckwheat is very useful for the body Read more “

Burdock oil how to use

Burdock oil is a product obtained burdock (root great burdock). You can get this oil at home by yourself, but this process is difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, it is easier to buy it at the pharmacy, he has a pretty reasonable price. Part of burdock oil include vitamins, mineral salts, proteins, natural insulin, stearic acid, tannins, and palmitic acid. Due to such structure burdock Read more “

Diet the grapefruit and egg

It is known that diet the grapefruit and egg is a popular method of losing weight stars. Many famous people have lost extra weight with this babe. The technique offers the grapefruit diet and the egg is very simple, but has a quick result, which is easy to fix. This diet cannot be applied more than one week. The basic principle of the diet is a combination of citrus fruits and proteins. This diet egg white and grapefruit has many Read more “

How to choose a perfume

Perfume is the daily companions of any woman, they make her unique, depending on the selected flavor: passionate, refined, romantic, easy, exquisite and even sports. How to choose perfume? The most important thing to remember is that the spirits reflect our mood and the internal state, so the spirits have to choose in a good mood and relaxed atmosphere, thus it is not necessary to try multiple flavors in one day. Each Read more “