Spanish manicure

French manicureFrench manicure – not new in nail industry. Nevertheless, up to now it is popular. The advantage of more depth and color. This effect is obtained by the foundation – it is not a standard clear coat, and a milky-white, cream or creme brulee (matte or pearl).

If the base coat soft lacquer, you’ll get incredible results. Here is an example – on a beige substrate pale blue lacquer. You in addition to visual “seal” the nail will create the effect of cloud summer sky. French manicure is widely used to owners of fine natural nails.

Spanish charm manicure also that in its creation can participate varnishes various tones and shades – depending on your desire and mood. You can also combine unlimited colors – let your imagination run wild. If you decide to stay in two colors – apply on the basis of one nail, but not the entire nail, and filling in a little more than half. Second color paint the rest of the nail, slightly overlapping the first coat. Through this application technique middle of the nail is slightly convex. Cover the resulting pattern of clear varnish or fixative. Do not recommend that the band is not across and along the nail – so you can visually lengthen it.

You can also do a few strips in two colors, alternating them with each other. Or, if you have shades of the same color – a lighter coat the entire nail polish and make thin darker bands at the top (the direction may be used). Cover the fixative or clear varnish.

The main difference between Spanish manicure from all other types – rich, beautiful, deep in color plates (in this technique are not only colored lacquers, and gels, paint or a combination)

Step by step process of creating a Spanish manicure looks like this:
1) Treat the nails, do manicure;
2) The entire surface of the nail-varnish cover regular basis. After drying the base, put a layer of pastel, or beige, or cream lacquer. Give a well dry.
3) Apply the base color on all surfaces in a single layer (from the brush remove excess paint to the layer was much thicker).
4) Apply the fixative or clear varnish.

Many of the above listed Spanish technology painting nails seem familiar. Indeed, the combination of varnish was always fashionable, beautiful and fast. But do not forget – the main highlight of the Spanish manicure – light foundation. Through her your manicure will play quite new colors. And remember – do not be afraid to experiment, a flight of fancy takes you to incredible results.

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