Short nails

Short nailsThe fashion for minimalism and modesty intilligentnost came into the world of manicure. Fashion trends 2012-2013 year can easily be called revolutionary. Naturalness – the motto of the current nail industry! Like the rest of fashion, she began to strive for minimalism. It’s just amazing – after a long acrylic and gel nails, massive sculptural design, fantastic abstraktsionnogo or theme (flowers, people, animals) in vogue short nails, and the shorter the better! The origin of this mode can be traced back a few years ago, but in 2012 a short nails have become the main trend.
Women, whose work does not allow race to have long fingernails – doctors, cooks, and just those who dress code does not allow – this became a fan of fashion. In fact, short nails lots of advantages. Ask any woman and you will hear a response – short nails at home is much more convenient, easier to care for them, easier to drive and operate a computer, a small child care nearly impossible with long fingernails. According to opinion polls, the majority of men believe that a woman with a neat, well-groomed, nails clipped short is more feminine.
Short nailsIf you want to be a trend – cut nails. It’s summer, the season of the seas, picnics, summer – long nails can be a hindrance, because a broken nail on holiday can significantly spoil the mood :). Most importantly, do not neglect the main requirements of any manicure – your hands should be neat and tidy.
According to the stylists, the optimal length is one in which the free edge of the nail slightly in favor of the finger pad. This is the basic rule manicure in 2012. Form – as close to natural. Many of the ladies who closely follow all the trends have returned to a natural, natural manicure, but it does not look as smart as the nails are made from a professional. And the question here is not in the cost of the service, and in the comfort and versatility. The world is rapidly moving away from fashion glamor to pragmatism, which can not be reflected in the design of nails.
Short nailsIn 2012-2013 he was the nail design bolle restrained, compared to previous years, which were often overwhelmed by bright accents and dimensional details and incredible forms. Now you can not go wrong selecting a light, translucent pastel paint. For those who believe such a boring paint for myself – always ready to help a French manicure in all its variations, the moon manicure and nail stamping. So the new trends in the nail industry will not leave without a job manicure.

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