Original ideas of ​​nails design

Beautiful nail design

Beautiful nail design

Manicure in many ways expresses your mood, your taste and mood of life. Usually in the winter – it is a quiet classic jacket, appears in the spring of greens, flowers, and in summer – a riot of colors, autumn to autumn there are designs in red and yellow colors. I want to present you a unique “musical” design. Make the desired length, camouflagingthe nail. We provide dry. After that, take a black and white acrylic paint, and paint piano keys, notes, or all you would ever think of a musical theme. It may be a little Skripochka, and harp, and even a drum. Unleash your imagination and you get a unique design!

Nail design pictures

nails design pictures

Nail design in our time – is an art! Which tricks do not come only manicurist to stand out from the crowd! This design is a portrait of red-haired girl. It is difficult to describe theperformance of the technology – in fact to create such a pattern should not only be able to use the tools to design – but also possess the talent of the artist.

Master – class nail design number 13

Master - class nail design

Step 1. Paint your nails with white polish. We provide dry. Pink paintwell, and draws on the free edge ellipsoidal design element. Step 2. On top of the ellipse with white paint repeat the form, butsmaller in diameter. Step 3. Alternating pink and white lacquer paint inside the ellipsesmaller ellipses. Step 4. Contours colored spots draws brush (color draws the appropriate element) to make our picture more clear. The end result of the fixing cover coating.

Master – class nail design number 12

Master - class nail design

Step 1. Paint your nails with white polish. We provide dry. Pink paintwith a fine brush nail divide into 6 parts (2 lines of horizontal and one vertical center). Step 2. We cover the squares in a checkerboard pattern of pinkacrylic paint. Make it a flat brush. Step 3. Black acrylic paint draw the boundaries of the squares.After that, the white squares draw vertical lines, and the pink – the horizontal. Step 4. Short fine brush on top resulting image creating floral design (whatever) that will be the final link in our picture. The resulting designs are covered by any fixing agent.

Master – class nail design number 11

Master - class nail design

Step 1. Paint your nails with white polish. We provide dry. A longthin brush, paint with black paint on the nail grid. Shaded corners ofthe short brush. Step 2. Take the red acrylic paint and a flat brush, creating afoundation color, and silver – the foundations of the leaves. The so-called “underpainting.” Step 3. Take a short thin brush and draws the flowers and leaves ofblack paint. Step 4. The resulting designs are covered by a fixing agent.

Master – class nail design number 10

Master - class nail design

Step 1. This nail design is the basis of pink and white jacket. A layer of acrylic on the free edge should be slightly thinner (how-to make a step.) In the center and closer to the edge of the free edge of a black acrylic lay out two shamrock. Step 2. Take a liquid acrylic black and dorisovyvaet our stylizedtrefoil stalks and a comma. Fill in the free edge of black acrylic(leaving space around the pattern.) Step 3. We cover the entire nail transparent acrylic, with a view ofarchitecture nail. Making sawdust and polish.

Master – class nail design number 9

Master - class nail design

The design is ideal for those who like black and white classicmanicure. Step 1. Making the base. It is a white French manicure, the free edge should be thinner (between the free edge of the nail andshould be, how-to step). Create the smile line – the edge of festoonsof black acrylic. Step 2. At the free edge of the white paint make vegetablepaintings. Make a short brush. Step 3. The free edge of the transparent acrylic cover, nail polishand zapilivaem. Step 4. To get the perfect smile line take DOTS, gold acrylic paintand draw a “garland” of points on the smile line. You can even putthe same aftograf kraskoy.Fiksiruem design a special coating.

Master – class nail design number 8

Master Class nails

Step 1. Create a foundation. It will be pink and white jacket.Emphasize the black paint with a fine brush line “Smile.” After that,draw a checkerboard grid on the white part of the nail, leaving apure white patches on the sides. Step 2. Sketch grid cells of gray, pink and black paint. Make a shortbrush. Step 3. From above, the resulting pattern of white paint to drawanother grid, but a big step. Draw latch. Step 4. Black acrylic doing two strips in the form of drops, andfasten them on the line ulybki.Poluchenny belt along the contouroutlines of silver paint. She also paint the holes. From acrylic beadscreate kryazhechku, and dress it on the strap. Cover strap lockingmeans.

Master – class nail design number 7

Master - class nail design

Step 1. Apply the white paint. Dried. Make a transparent blue paintstrokes to get interesting iridescent substrate. Step 2. Pink and blue paint brush, paint the same form of a butterfly’s wings. Step 3. The same brush, paint with black paint outlines of the wings, antennae and body. To make the drawing more air, put white paintDOTS series of dots on the calf to the edge of the wings. Step 4. In a corner of the nail a piece of lace-making. In the corner of the nail creating a lace corner. Brief brush with white paint,crosswise, and add scallop edge and shamrocks. Design Fixfixative.

Master – class nail design number 6

Master - class nail design

Step 1. From the bottom of nail nail paint roller across themulticolored stripes. The color palette is arbitrary. Step 2. Before drying the same brush (clean) make smooth movements up and vnih how-to draw a paint, and thus stretching them over each other. Step 3. Put a layer of fixative. We provide dry. Step 4. Put the acrylic floral pattern. Color – arbitrary, but must be combined with the background. That the substrate is not “sticky”, acrylic, take your napkins (paper), so that the ball a little bit dry.Cover design is not required.