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This article I want to dedicate manikyursu business, the so-called business manicure. In our time has ceased to be a rarity saying business woman, and quite often you can find a woman at the helm of serious organizations. And axioms of such organizations is a strict dress code, well-groomed and elegant appearance of the hair to the tips of the nails. And here comes into play the business manicure. It is for these women, it was developed, and because of them called – business manicure. It is important to strike a balance between beauty and well-groomed nails, and their excessive showiness (which is unacceptable for a business lady.)

Present to you another milestone in the nail industry – business manicure. It combines the classical and European manicures, and aims to make the beautiful and well-groomed hands, without burdening them superfluous vivid colors and details.

So, step by step how to create a business sign for a manicure.
1) Make a bath with the addition of mineral compositions (essential oil, sea salt, herbs and teas, etc.)
2) Apply the special oil on the cuticles to soften
3) Carefully cut away the cuticle (if necessary) combined, or European-cut way (no difference, so do as you wish, and as you get better). The nails apply a nourishing oil.
With the aid of nourishing cream for hands make massage each finger, palm and the back of his hand.
4) Now the most important thing that distinguishes the business from other types of manicure manicure. Namely – the cover. The business uses a discreet manicure (transparent) design, discreet or varnishes, pastel tones. If you still want to do some kind of pattern, then the business is taken manicure varnishes from one palette, only darker and lighter, and use them to create a pattern that is both gentle and elegant, and not catchy. And of course, a business woman can not ignore the French manicure – undisputed king of elegance and versatility.

So, dear women – do not worry. Whatever you did not have a dress code, whatever the strict rules – you can always adjust for them, and to combine beauty with severity.


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