Magnetic nail polish

Magnetic nail polishMagnetic paint – new fashion 2012. The secret of its simple – add polish metal parts. At the presentation to a certain strength of the magnet particles “go” on the surface, creating a unique and unique pattern.
Invented such varnishes UK brand Nails Inc. They named their creation Magnetic Attraction, that in English the dostlovnom means of magnetic attraction. They nail embedded in the lid special magnetic nozzle.
New momentarily scattered around the world. If British nail to hit the market in October, analogues from other manufacturers are already actively marketed. In the original version by the magnet nail acquired relief, the analogs are different patterns, repeating pattern on the magnet. The bonus is that this is that choosing different colors, you can easily create as a daily (pastel) manicure and bright festive design.
I’ll tell you step by step how to create a magnetic manicure.
1) nail polish (preferably without acetone) remove the previous coat. If necessary, remove the cuticle nail scissors and nail file off nail file, creating a beautiful and correct form.
2) On the basis of the nail plate, apply a varnish. Now their choice is huge – then at its discretion. The basis is necessary in order to protect the nail from the harmful effects of nail polish, the pigment from penetrating into the plate, and that your manicure was perfect for a long time.
3) When completely dry basis, apply a magnetic nail polish. Quickly, before varnish has dried, hold the magnetic shape the nail, as close to the plate, but not touching the surface (or you’ll just break the glaze). Hold for 15-20 seconds to form. Recommended paint nails one by one, so you have time to make a “magnetic procedure” before drying.
You can pre-try on one nail to pick the perfect time to create the desired pattern.
4) Do not do anything to dry paint, and another 10 minutes after drying! Manufacturers do not recommend covering magnetic nail fixers.
Attention! Be sure to read the instructions for use on your nail! Different manufacturers application technique may vary.

Voila! Beautiful perfect manicure their hands ready!
Add your own review – tried to use it myself. In fact, a very interesting effect, and the palette is very beautiful. Used the magnetic paint company Golden Rose.
Experiment – to create a beautiful manicure does not have to be an artist or a craftsman. Simply follow the novelties, and allocate time. Try also craquelure varnish and nail stamping.
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