Glowing nails

Glowing nailsIn this article I want to tell you about the so-called “disco” manicure. Sukret this manicure is covered in a substance called phosphor. Its operating principle lies in the fact that it is capable of after exposure to artificial or naturally light, glow in the dark for a long time. More recently, these powders are widely used around the world in advertising carnival costumes, and decorations circus. Recently, the use of this powder is very broad scope, it began to be applied to the nail industry, in the decoration of premises, in training rooms for festivities (such as the creation of inscriptions on the wall behind the bride and groom). Nail polish with phosphor appeared salonak Beauty recently, but immediately won the hearts of fashionistas completely different age group.
With the use of this substance can be quickly and easily make an original design in the home, and to shine with beauty and unique, stand out from the company’s girlfriends. To create a beautiful design buy phosphor powders of different colors, and begin to create designs relying on your taste and imagination. A simple example – cover your nails with black lacquer top with white paint paint brush flowers (white, because it is better and longer shows itself glow powder). Dorisovyvaet stalk and leaves. Cover drawing layer of colorless nail polish. After that get dry (!) Brush, and the petals of a flower plot the red powder and the leaves – green. Do not be scared of apparent brightness of powder – in a dark room it will glow a soft, pleasant colors. After that you need to “charge” powder – hold hands to light a few minutes. Now you can safely run the club and the original shine, beautiful and above all attractive handles.
Or you can make a New Year’s design. Here it is the date the will and imagination – you can draw a Christmas tree branches, covered with their powder, for example, or to draw Christmas decorations, snowman or Santa Claus hat. 🙂 Pictures, decorated powder phosphor, look great in daylight and in the dark. Another important advantage is undoubtedly its health safety. And most importantly, remember – do not be afraid to experiment!

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