Choosing paint colors for feng shui

Choosing paint colors for feng shuiIn the east, all the accessories, makeup and manicure are mapping the human soul, his self-expression. The way you dress and how you have make-up, is able to tell others what you mood, your attitude to the world, and your desire to see themselves in this world just like that. Choosing the right colors will help you achieve success in your endeavors, and it is extremely important if your job is in talks with people. After all, your appearance – this is most people’s first impression of you, and incorrectly matched clothes, accessories and make-up can ruin all your plans.

The question of the choice of color nail can be solved with the help of Feng Shui. All you need to do is, to determine which element, the element you belong to, and choose a color, not particularly paying attention to your item.

Each element has its own colors. You need to adjust color to consider whether they are favorable for your item. Avoid colors that do not fit your item.

So, let’s learn how to calculate the element of birth.
His last digit identifies the year of birth. For example, if you were born in 1984, the last digit of 4 – your birth element is Wood.
Compute the element of Birth:
Define your element:

0, 1 – The element of metal:

2, 3 – The element of water;

4, 5 – The element of wood;

6, 7 – The element of fire;

8, 9 – The element of earth.

Below is a brief description of each item.

The element fire.

If you are born under the element of fire – you need to give the primacy of the red color, and all of its suputstvuyuschim shades and bright colors. Another element of the fire element colors suitable tree.

Element tree.

You need to use more tsvetamy of green scales. Green tsyet in all its variations, is very beneficial effect on the people of this element.Black and blue-and-blue palette is also suitable. You can make a bright-color manicure is not, with different figures roses, ornaments, engravings.

Element of water.

You can use all the colors in the range from black to pale blue.Zemchatelnym decision will be metallic paints, white shades, and paints a chameleon.

Metal Element

You need as much as possible to use the color white (oh, how quickly they get dirty), and all metallic shades. Also, the positive effect you can get from brown and yellow tsveta.tov.

The element earth

Your range – the whole palette of brown and yellow. Shades of beige – basic for this item. You can wear a manicure pink or red color (despite the fact that this is not your primary color).

Feng – Shui is primarily aimed at harmony with the surrounding world and ourselves. The most important point in choosing the color – it should please you. Even if the color suits your palette, but you do not like it – you will not get aesthetic pleasure, and thus will be disharmony!

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