Aquarium nail design

Aquarium nail designAquarium nail design – before it was rare, and worth the extra money, but now it is almost always done, and the cost is included in the payment of a korrektsii.Chtoby aquarium design – drawing, made by any paints ormaterials (crystals, mica, Bulyonkov m) covered with a layer gel or acrylic, due to what level the nail. After that,create a picture looks as though the glass is obtained volumetric, and the nail plate is very smooth as glass.

What you get in the end looks like an aquarium on the nails. Conveniently, such a glass can be put just about anything – dried flowers, flat molding, aluminum foil, sand, yarn and etc. – everything you name it. Also I should note that everything is laid under the glass:
a) does not fall off;
b) does not bring discomfort;
c) protected from mechanical damage, which dlagodarya retains color and gloss.

Of all written above, you can draw some conclusions about the advantages of this method of “filling” material;
1) Practicality – all you have done on your nails are not washed out, not erased, and not “stsarapyvaetsya”
2) Convenience – you are free to create any volumetric design that will always look like 3D, and its elements do not “catch” tights, do not leave clothes on the puffs, and do not scratch mtszha or child.
3) Durability: aquarium design creation can be worn up to 3 months (generally, until you get bored housewife of this “miracle”). At the same time so that the nails look like you’re only salon – just cover them with a layer ofcolorless lacquer.

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