Orchid on nails

орхидеи на ногтях фото
Hello readers of a blog http://nails-art-design.com! Today theme for discussion – Orchid on nails!
The Orchid – an exotic flower, which today has become a symbol of tenderness and subtlety. Her bright petals, somewhat resembling the wings of a butterfly, pleased with their bright colors and elastic lines. They say that girl, that decorate your home the orchids – sensual person, who value the beauty and seeking to bring a little bit of romance in everyday life. The same can be said about the fair sex, which is decorated with orchids your manicure.

орхидеи на ногтях фотоManicure with floral motifs now extremely popular. Drawing on nails Orchid looks very elegant and unbanal. This painting is ideal to decorate nails in honor of the special cases. Very good solution would be to nail design with orchids at the corporate party 8 of March. Nail design with orchids can be quite varied. Depending on the combination of colors, the use of various decorative elements (large or small crystals, rhinestones, sculpture) orchids on nails photo may look festive and bright and concisely strictly.

орхидеи на ногтях фотоMany of the girls who prefer to do a manicure at home, wonder, how to draw an Orchid on the nails independently. Actually, it’s quite simple. In order to decorate your manicure your favorite colors, you will need the lucky four colors: black, white and two contrasting colors, which should be in harmony among themselves, for example, a delicate pale blue and juicy purple or lilac. Remember that the combination of pastels and bright colors are almost always looks advantageous. Before you start painting orchids, should straighten nails, give them the desired shape and apply a base coat. Then cover nails are polished bright pastel colours and wait until it dries. Now you can begin to draw orchids. You can draw a flower on each nail plate or orchids decorate just a few of the nails, and the rest of the draw buds or leave them without drawing – everything depends on your imagination and preferences. Nail design Orchid photo in any case, it will look great.

орхидеи на ногтях фотоBrush of medium thickness draw on the nail flower with four or five petals, depending on the width of the pattern. Remember that each petal should narrow to the center and expand on the edges. On one nail plate can be placed some flowers, combining them in inflorescence, or draw one large flower and Supplement it with buds. After the varnish is dry, a thin brush to draw on a bright background petals white stains. Do not overdo it, enough to be a few delicate недлинных lines.

орхидеи на ногтях фотоIn the center of each flower dots put 2-3 black dots. Make sure that they are not merged. White lacquered make a few points larger near each flower; after the white varnish is dry, apply in the center of each white point one black point less. When the varnish is completely dry, treat all the nails top coating to figure looked свеженанесенным for several days. Now, when you know how to draw an Orchid on the nails you can always indulge unusual and original manicure.

Orchid on nails can be a wonderful decoration for women’s handles. This exotic flower surely will bring a touch of tenderness and romance in your image.
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орхидеи на ногтях фото

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