Natural food dyes

Натуральные пищевые красителиVery often modern housewife want to cook such things of interest, for example, multi-colored cookies. This raises the question of where to get the dye, and so as not to harm your health. To help you use natural food dyes. Range of natural and synthetic dyes can be found here. In the same article, pay more attention to natural food dyes.

How to make natural food dyes?

Let’s start with yellow. To do this we need to take the crushed saffron and mix it with water at room temperature (can be used vodka), leave for 24 hours, then strain. The resulting infusion has a strong aroma, ideal as a yellow dye. Even for the purpose of obtaining such a dye you can use the drained juice with finely grated lemon zest.

Red, natural food colors at home can be prepared from the juice of berries such as raspberry or cherry, and pomegranate, also the basis can be taken currants and strawberries, or red wine. However, you can not be limited only to fruit. Red dye can be extracted from tomatoes in a rich hue of powder or sweet paprika. But, the beet is the most intense and persistent dye of a specific color by taking a vegetable, well-washed, cleaned, peeled and rubbed on a grater. Now put the vegetable in a container and fill it with water (beets should be barely covered), it is recommended to add citric acid (one teaspoon) cook for about an hour and a half under a cover on slow fire. After complete cooling of the liquid, the broth, it is important to drain and can be used for personal purposes without worrying about security.

To prepare natural black food dye you need to mix 10 grams of activated charcoal and five drops of glycerin. There is another way to make natural dye black: we need to mix yellow, Magenta and cyan dyes in equal proportions.

Of course, carrots will help us to prepare orange natural food coloring with their hands. The vegetable, primarily, to clean, then rubs (preferably large grater) and put into the pan, then poured the butter (melted). After a five-minute roasting over a slow fire the oil needs to be painted, the carrot to soften. Now the pan is removed from the plate and put away for a while (to cool down the content). Remained squeeze the mixture through cheesecloth.

Brown dye can be made from boiled sugar. Sugar and water in a ratio of 5:1 are placed in the pan and placed it on the stove (low heat). The mixture is heated until then, until they acquire a dark brown hue, now it is removed from heat and stirred even with a certain amount of water. It is important not to overdo it, if you burn through the sugar, it will not dye, and sweet little bundle. At the output the ratio of sugar and water should be 5:2. After the solution is passed through a fine sieve. Even brown dye can be made from cocoa powder or strong coffee drink.

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