Nails on Feng Shui

Ногти по фэншуюFeng Shui magic, positive energy that is created by human hands. It is believed that if you do everything according to Feng Shui, you can attract luck, love, health, happiness, and even money. As is known, this is done with definitely the right furniture arrangement and layout of the mascots. But not everyone knows that you can dress in Feng Shui, painting nails on Feng Shui, or to do makeup. It is very important that everything that you want and wear, bring you pleasure. Back in the old days women were created beauty is in accordance with this science, today, it has spread to the manicure. It is not only beautiful, it is quite interesting and useful, because you are using nail Polish “paint” your mood.

So, how to paint the nails on Feng Shui. Australian master of manicure Christina Fitzgerald introduced the fashion of this manicure. Perhaps many are this manicure with drawing Chinese characters on a nail, or a different symbol, Yin-Yang is a misconception. It’s easy to use different colors on one or two nogatco. To paint the nails on Feng Shui photo suggests that it is not done by means of “sticking”, and painted defined nails, because each finger is responsible for the feeling, emotion or any trait of character. So, consider to paint the nails on Feng Shui photo, to be happy and achieve success.

Nails on Feng Shui which means each finger of the left hand: a big concern, the index – inferiority complex, medium – sexuality, unnamed – parting, little finger – the betrayal, the lies.

On the right hand: the thumb – success in science, index – narcissism and selfishness, middle – anger in sexual activity, the ring finger – communication and acquaintances, pinkie well – being. In order to properly apply the nail on Feng Shui , it is desirable to properly select the color of the lacquer on the basis of your element zodiac sign. Here is split the five elements: water, fire, metal, earth and wood. The last digit date of birth corresponds to the element: metal (0,1), water (2,3), wood (4,5), fire (6,7), earth (8,9). As an example take 1987, consequently is the fire. Paint the nails on Feng Shui, the value of each element and its color. Metal – silver shades, also white. As decorations you can use beads, gold or silver glitter and foil. Water – black and pale blue. As an illustration, you can make stars, snowflakes, waves, everything is a symbol of water. Beads and sequins metallic color is the most suitable decoration. Is the nail on Feng Shui – tree – blue-green, blue, and black colors. Leaves, spider webs, flowers and bows are ideal as decorations. Nails on Feng Shui photo – fire – all shades of red. The sun, a flame, berries, all bright abstractions are well suited figures. As decorations you can use beads, small sequins. The earth – all shades of brown and yellow. The main varnish can be pink, gold, beige. Nails can depict animals, abstractions and leaves.

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