Nail – types and materials

Наращивание ногтей - виды и материалыNot all women perfect nails. Some are lucky nature, nails have a beautiful, the correct form, not exfoliate and do not break. But there are other women who spend their lives suffer from reinforcing instruments for nail, vitamins, and still can’t achieve the desired result.

And he inevitably comes to mind extend nails. Most often from idea to actual capacity it can take a lot of time, our article aims to assess how all the pluses and minus capacity nail, and were able to determine the type and material. Is there any harm from this procedure, and is it convenient?

Наращивание ногтей - виды и материалы

Наращивание ногтей - виды и материалы

Question number 1: what to choose, tips or form?

All variants of capacity nail often involve two types: building on tips or forms. Materials for building – silk, resin, acrylic or gel. Resin has little differences from gel nails but from the resin have higher durability. Silk is used in gel technology, with the only difference that between типсой and gel, to strengthen the nail, enclose a piece of flax, synthetic fiberglass is applied or silk.

Tips is a placeholder products from plastic, which with the help of special glue applied to the nail previously опиленный technology. After gluing the border between типсом and natural nail is aligned nail file(be careful not to remove an unnecessary layer of the native nail). Then, using a nail files for nail and special tweezers create the desired length and shape, top place chosen for building material. The whole procedure takes about 3 hours (depending on the experience of the master of manicure).


Form is a special plate of thick foil or plastic, in the middle there is a window for the nail. The plate is applied to the finger tight against her under the edge of the natural nail. With the help of a brush, the norm (with overlapping on the natural nail) place a layer of material for building. After hardening of the material, shape, clean, then carefully shape the filing for nail. To use the form, you must have 1-2 mm отросший edge of the nail, otherwise the form will not put. Capacity nail the form takes 2-2, 5 hours (depending on experience of the master of manicure).

Наращивание ногтей - виды и материалы

Наращивание ногтей - виды и материалы

Often in the salons manicure capacity makes gel or acrylic. So, what kind of material to choose? That безвреднее?

Sooner or later you want to remove accrued nails. But what will be your nail after the lifting material directly depends on the professionalism of your manicure, and also from quality of material used. And have a great value all three stages: initial capacity, monthly correction and removal of the accreted nail. When building using the tips very important moment of alignment of the border – in no case be corrupt «growth zone» nail the plate.

Pros and cons of increasing the gel.

Pluses. Gel passes air nail plate under it «breathes» as it is a natural porous polymer. In addition, covered with gel nails continue to grow, as well as regularity was noticed that the nails that were previously слоились, under the gel restore the integrity of the structure. In addition, for polymerization(point) gel should handle it the ultraviolet lamp, and this treatment eliminates the possibility of fungus.

Minuses. They are few, but still they exist. The process UV lamp has a side effect during polymerization of the gel is a photochemical process that leads to the production of heat and nail overheats – starts microwave. Manicure can give advice on reduction of discomfort because of this. And to remove gel nail they must be cut sawing or router that can lead to injury nail the plate. To avoid this, do not remove the nails at home – experienced master of manicure can perfectly and safely conduct the procedure.

Pros and cons of increasing acrylic.

Pluses. When using high-quality acrylic, in its structure there is no methyl methacrylate(which is very toxic), the use of which makes nail plate in very sensitive to touch and any action, «cloth». In the modern acrylic this material was replaced by этилметакрил.

Minuses. Even the highest quality acrylic does not pass air, so every 3 weeks, it must be removed to provide access of oxygen to nail the plate. In addition, acrylic nails require specific filing and sanding, during which there acrylic dust, which is harmful for human body has an unpleasant smell and can also cause an allergic reaction.

So what is better – a gel or acrylic? On artificial nails lacquer lasts very long, before he bores You. Nails do not require any self-care (in addition to the monthly correction of manicure), the cuticle grows. Now a broken nail no problem – you can go to his master, and he will restore the broken nail in 10-15 minutes. As for the materials for building – each material has its supporters and opponents. Therefore, easier to learn at their friends where there is a good manicure master, and what material it works.

I bring to your attention also videos gel nail extension and acrylics.

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