Nail Polish effect velvet

Лак для ногтей эффект бархатаVivid impression is the first, what I want all women regardless of what nail Polish effect velvet they would prefer. But he just effect, its impact will depend on a large number of components: here and popularity of varnish, and composition, and the company – manufacturer, fashion collection, and much more. It is from the correctness of the choice and taste of the woman is the impression that it can produce or may not make the people around her manicure. To do this the right choice today is not easy, but there is a category of varnishes, which will greatly simplify women task refers lucky with effects. Funny out – nail effect velvet we purchase for maximum effect! Verbal game and not more than that. Practical same lucky with effects is rather a generic name of a group nail Polish effect velvetthat differ significantly from the usual and gel lacquer coatings. Be different, they can structurally, textured, of course, unique design and, of course, the brand name.

Лак для ногтей эффект бархатаBut at the peak of popularity continues to prebyvat one of them, Matt varnish or nail Polish effect velvet as it is now called. He appeared in the early nineties, the stores, and since then has property regularly disappear.

As any varnish he has personal positive and negative sides.


•it is amazingly fast drying and for the first time on the international market this varnish fell by the famous Swiss company, which was the first to release quick-drying varnishes;
•perfect for Polish small and medium length;
•over such varnishes and under do not need to apply a base coat;
•as a quick-drying lacquer, there is no need to put him in several layers;
•huge palette of colors, that has no equal among other types of varnish;
•it is universal for all the nail plate, but it is important to remember that this finish highlights the flaws of the form;
•creates the effect of velvet, actually that’s why bears such a name, it is not reflective particles or sparkles, it’s pure concentration of color;
•pleasing design velvety bottles with the effect of wear and antiquities, is unusual and has a convenient brush for lossless apply nail Polish with the effect of velour;
•economical and durable, dries up slowly, and even after five months of use does not lose its quality characteristics.

Лак для ногтей эффект бархатаCONS:
•the nail surface must be perfect, otherwise all the small credence fractures and other defects will only be underlined;
•applying such lacquer requires certain skills;
•one of the most significant disadvantages-enhancing times the ability to stay on the nails for a long time, right on the second day or after a shower can start to alloplastic. But the output from this easy-to buy matte top coat.

If there is no desire to buy Matt lacquer (nail Polish with the velvet effect), as you are used to or glossy metallic lacquers, you can do this varnish and to diversify their way glossy manicure. It does not need to be an alchemist, there are just simple and proven ways of gloss to make nail Polish with the velvet effect.

Лак для ногтей эффект бархатаBy the first method you need to buy in shops of cosmetics floor paint or coating on a gel base. This thing makes matte varnish, velvety. One has only to paint toenails and spend them with a fixative or basic coating, as your desired manicure ready. The second method can be applied, if the store for fixer not go hunting, and matte varnish at hand was not found. Take good old glossy varnish and the saucepan with the water. Put a pan and boil water, and as soon as it starts to boil, put the Polish on nails and pulled her hands over steam. Thus the varnish will quickly dry up and will need matte shades. There is a third way, which is rarely used due to its high cost. It is the same familiar gloss, and acrylic basis. Inflicting pre-acrylic-based, you will solve two problems: the varnish will be matte and will surely consume such important for him strength. But, more logical course would be to take the money and buy a Matt varnish. The thing is necessary not only for your nails, but also in the decoration of the premises can be useful.
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Лак для ногтей эффект бархата

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