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Наращивание ногтей на ногах фотоHello readers of a blog! Today theme for discussion – nail on my feet.

For modern women important to have a well-groomed nails not only on the hands and feet also. You see, in the open shoes womens legs not look perfect, if nail condition is unsatisfactory. Solve the problem helps popular at the moment the procedure as capacity toenails. This is a wonderful solution of existing problems with nail plates on our feet, which does not require a lot of time and high costs. Nail legs photo masks natural shortcomings nail, corrects form, hides a nasty color and removes other not aesthetic manifestations. But it is important to know that nail legs video not boasts a variety of forms and methods, as toenails should not create discomfort while walking and not be perceptible. But you have the ability to pay for these nails are polished or do painting without fear for their health. The coverage will be for a long time, and please holistic color. A big plus of this procedure is that your nails from the moment of capacity will be protected by durable material from fungal diseases. The correction once a season, since toenails grow relatively slowly.

There are two types of nail on his feet: acrylic and gel. The most common design is considered French-building, but two-dimensional or aquarium painting will look no less impressive.

In most cases, specialists prefer to spend nail at the feet gel due to the fact that he go to a thin layer and creates the effect of manicured nails, has a smaller percentage of shrinkage is not such a significant pressure on the nail plate and the border with отрастающим fingernail not so noticeable.

Acrylic, which is used to build, not inferior in quality characteristics gel. This two materials of the same group. Despite that, the gel is now quite популяризован, you have to know what exactly acrylic capacity was the first in this field.

Nail acrylic legs there are several species, among which the most popular French and Beverly hills. Contrary to the second method from the first that the tips of the nails are not white and natural color. It allows you to create a delightful pedicure. Acrylic be applied both to the natural nails and tips, and the surface of the nail carefully levelled, is adjusted. Gel nails shoot harder than acrylic. They just cut in several places and dip into a liquid for removal of acrylic. Pedicure with acrylic powder looks beautiful and elegant, has many admirers. Of no small importance when choosing means of enhancing is the moment that acrylic fixes «naughty nails, the nail after such a procedure will develop properly, will not grow in the skin and warped.
Наращивание ногтей на ногах фото

Наращивание ногтей на ногах фото
If you have decided and already can admire the works of masters of pedicure, one should also take care of the proper care of the nails. Subject to the simple rules, your nails will serve and look good:

  1. Not to do careless movements and avoid the impacts, which could harm the nail or break it.
  2. Before using colour varnish nails should be covered by the Foundation or any transparent varnish.
  3.  Neither gel nor acrylic nails do not tolerate acetone, so pick the appropriate means for care
  4. Do not pull the correction, do everything in a timely manner to avoid possible problems.
  5. At colouring allowed the use of conventional varnishes for natural nails.

There is an opinion that any expansion of harm to the nail, violates its structure makes weak and brittle. It is absolutely groundless, because with all the rules of wearing nail and the right withdrawal, your nails will be in good condition «radiate» health. Harm significantly only in the case if the very attempt to remove the nails, so save on their beauty is not worth it. Building on the legs solves many problems with nail, it now becomes not simply a procedure shop, and procedure to a certain extent, medical and corrective, so fear it is not worth it.

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