Nail design summer 2013 photo

Французский маникюр лето 2013For many years beautiful manicure is an integral part of the image of the ideal girl. But this is not necessarily have to be a huge length stilettos with rhinestones and colorful paintings. More and more popular become natural designs and form. A real skill considered accrued nails that look like natural.

This season summer manicure 2013 very varied, depending on the preferences of the owner nail this can be as manicure under natural nails (short form of the nail, natural lacquer pastel tones), and bright маникюры style Ombre or caviar (caviar manicure). A little’ll describe the most common options for summer manicure 2013.


Natural manicure

Natural tendencies have long been popular in make-up, manicure and hair styles. In summer it is popular because it is a time of holidays and moderation in the make-up is caused by a swim in the sea and pool. For girls who love the natural way, which is not to the liking of the bright painted nails – perfect. Fortunately, there are many producers of high-quality lacquers nail and all have a large palette of varnishes natural shades.

Manicure metallic and non-ferrous nails.

As always summer in fashion are bright rich colors, shades of caramel, «acid» colors – will ideally look on Tsvetnoy the French manicure. Also in fashion firmly rooted shades of metallic, silver, gold and pearls. Also feel free to experiment with different fingers shades of one color.

Цветной маникюр лето 2013

Маникюр металлик лето 2013 фото

Lunar manicure.

What’s not to say about антониме French manicure – moon manicure. Gradually more and more he wins the location of fashionistas. In the moonlight manicure «smile» is not drawn on the tip of the nail, and at its base. She often stresses бульонками or rhinestones – this is optional.


Matte nail Polish.

Gloss was present in the nail industry for over 50 years, and as a consequence – gradually become boring, and lost its attraction. And of course, following the wishes of the women of fashion designers hurried to develop a Matt varnish for nail. It looks very nice, stylish and at the same time restrained. He attracts the eye to your hands, but don’t take all the attention on himself. Girls appreciated its versatility, comparable only to that of nude manicure, or the classic French manicure. Also its a definite bonus is that you can make such a stunning manicure in a relatively short time, independently at home. If you don’t have the Matt varnish for nail but at the same time you want to try this manicure – not scary. Apply a normal nail nail, and hold not yet dried nails over boiling water. Couples will have a «матирующее action not nails. Voila! Matt manicure ready.

New in summer 2013 season – French cream.

French manicure continues to evolve – nail plate has a cream, caramel and peach colour, the free edge can be entirely different – bright juicy tone paint stained gel , aquarium, and even molding in the aquarium. On top you can draw a fine brush and acrylic paints a variety of lace, fashion «blinds», put a picture on technology Chinese painting. Free edge can also be made of gold or silver – very beautiful, laconic and at the same time stamps.

Французский маникюр лето 2013

Французский маникюр лето 2013 фото

Французский маникюр лето 2013 фото

Французский маникюр лето 2013 фото

Французский маникюр лето 2013 фото

Французский маникюр лето 2013 фото

gradient-manicure or so-called Ombre!

This is really fashionable design 2013. In comparison with all the other options that exist for a long time, just regularly mutating and evolving Ombre absolutely new technology, which immediately liked the fashionistas around the world. Gradual transition from one color to another, both in vertical and in the horizontal direction. Also the beauty is that this design you can do both inside and in the home. Apply to the sponge lucky different colors, and Pat each ногтик. If the sponge large porous – you get beyond the transition still quite interesting print. The remnants of varnish on the skin gently wipe the means for removing the varnish, so as not to spoil design nail Polish excesses of the nail fold (if any), dry – toothpick screw the little fleece, and carefully walk along the contour of the nail.
Омбре маникюр лето 2013

Lace manicure.

As always tenderness in fashion – and that you can find, tender lace? That’s designs with imitation of the thinnest lace weaving in fashion in the summer of 2013. Ideal – do French manicure (in any favorite color), and top with a fine brush and draw a lace in black or white with acrylic paint. This gentle and fashionable emphasis will undoubtedly complement your stylish look.

Кружевной маникюр лето 2013

Flower manicure

Summer is a beautiful green Yes, it’s time many bright colors and paints. Therefore floral motifs will certainly make them beautiful and topical addition to any design and any form nail. Very nice looking orchids made by technology Chinese painting. Or you can on the classic white French manicure tips to decorate nail a scattering of small flowers – it will be very nice and gently, but in the meantime.

Французский маникюр лето 2013 фото

Цветочный маникюр лето 2013 фото

Цветочный маникюр лето 2013 фото

And of course, as always, feel free to fantasize and implement their ideas. And what would you choose to be this incredible abstraction on the ring finger, or a photograph of a loved – no doubt, you will be unique!

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