Nail design autumn 2016 gel Polish

Дизайн ногтей осень 2016 гель лакIf you are a representative of the beautiful half of humanity, then you obviously are curious about what kind of nail design gel Polish fall autumn 2016 relevant in the upcoming season. So, now we will carefully study all kinds of trendy options for nail art. In the coming autumn-winter period in fashion includes luxurious and the most interesting colors coating: bright, neat manicure in combination with extravagant patterns and varied decorations.

Flourishing in dark tones of blue

Blue coating for the nail plate was current last summer, but today they have not lost their popularity. In the cold season designers recommend to give preference to dark shades of blue. Original, bright manicure with application of coatings to the nail plates saturated blue tones will look pretty interesting against the background of a snowy winter. The most popular are blue and purple gel nails nail design photo 2016 autumn and winter, also not less interesting can be considered the color of Indigo, sapphire and azure blue.

Дизайн ногтей осень 2016 гель лакДизайн ногтей осень 2016 гель лак Дизайн ногтей осень 2016 гель лак Дизайн ногтей осень 2016 гель лакSmoky nails gel nail design photo autumn 2016

In winter and autumn leadership positions smoky color coatings for nails. Manicure, made in colours suitable for every day, in addition to this, it can easily make your own. Specialists nail business is recommended to take these colors polishes: the color of chocolate and plum, dark grey and beige also looks good the color of platinum. In modern nail-the collections of famous brands, you can find numerous smoky nail Polish matte. Mother of pearl nail design gel nail Polish fall autumn 2016 no less popular in the coming season, for example, the color of silver and metallic are considered the rage.

2016 autumn short nails gel nail Polish design extravagant black

Nail art in black color is another interesting version of the design of nails. You can use any type of coating black color — shimmering, matte, gloss and glitter. Still in fashion is an interesting combination of black color with patterns of different shapes, sequins and other decor items, like rhinestones, studs, labels.

Дизайн ногтей осень 2016 гель лак Дизайн ногтей осень 2016 гель лак Дизайн ногтей осень 2016 гель лак Дизайн ногтей осень 2016 гель лакPolka dot and lace manicure

Attractive and delicate nails gel nail design photo autumn 2016 with the use of polka dots will also be welcomed in the upcoming season. He looks not only bright, but also quite elegant, especially if done in the actual colors this year. About lace manicure, it is a miracle to all the designers, what could be more interesting lace on the nail plate.

Leopard print

Leopard print on the nail plate is the way to perform a manicure option that is suitable for any festive event, it’s challenging, but stylish. In the coming year leopard print manicure it is recommended to carry sparkling silver and gold colors of the coatings.

Дизайн ногтей осень 2016 гель лак Дизайн ногтей осень 2016 гель лак Дизайн ногтей осень 2016 гель лакThe most popular flowers in the winter will cover the matte and white. Lovers of the Ombre style, the designers give the green colour, because this season the making of this type have not yet surrendered their positions. New 2016 are vertical stripes across the nail plate that visually lengthens the nail.

Upon completion, I want to draw the attention of the ladies that no matter what color your nails are covered, it is important what condition they’re in. The most important criteria for beautiful nails are clean of nail, the shape of the edge and skin condition of hands. Remember, a beautiful well-groomed hands – is the key to your success in love, career, family.

Дизайн ногтей осень 2016 гель лак Дизайн ногтей осень 2016 гель лак

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