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Пилочка для кутикулы фото

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Quick and painless removal of cuticle has always been one of the main problems for masters of manicure. Time pruned practices passed, маникюрное circumcision, has proved to be the best. Having clarified the disadvantages of this method, masters began to use in the work with constantly growing cuticle wooden sticks and emollient oils. A little later this Arsenal of working tools has been added and special nail file cuticle.

Nail file cuticle remover be useful in the household. Only important to learn how to use it, otherwise benefit from using it will not be enough. How done typical manicure? After processing conventional nail files, they are immersed in a specially prepared saline solution which softens cuticles. After that it’s easy enough pruned tweezers and smeared with special oil. The main disadvantage of this method is that if it is wrong to hold this procedure, the tender surface may appear open sores that can get the infection. Such improper conduct removal promote the appearance of burrs.

With the correct application of nail cuticle reviews this is easily avoided. Files of this type are very useful, functional and practical to use. The price of the course corresponds to their main characteristics and very often deters budget-minded ladies, who are accustomed to doing yourself a manicure at home. For example, nail cuticle mertz  and nail cuticle messernagelfrom leading European companies, cost a few hundred dollars off of the domestic consumer.

Leather processing this tool requires the prior mitigation. After the sawing process околоногтевую surface. The file works as peeling, and turns to dust all exfoliating particles. After processing it cuticle, it is important to soften the skin oil. Nail file versatile, can be used for manicure and pedicure. A significant advantage over other means is that after application of such files cuticle is growing much slower.

Know-how in this area include nail file sherenagel, that was first released by the same brand name. Inventors have noticed that these files are not worse cope with skin layers than conventional means. Besides, that would achieve excellent results, they had to change only the overall shape of the more comfortable. So there were these tools a new type, which had a length of not more than ten centimeters and wounded околоногтевую surface. They were compact and secure in their image began to produce nail files with round ends, intended for removal of cuticle.

In addition to the above analyzed пилочек, there are also special manicure nail files with laser sputtering. They are multi-functional. Them how to handle the surface of the nail and work over the removal of cuticle. They have small weight. Files of this type are the creation of advanced technologies and gradually replace their gross metal predecessors. They have a tremendous wear and can serve you for the correct application of more than ten years.And what do you call the manicure, which uses special files for cuticle? Евроманикюр, so these saws products of leading European companies. This name once again emphasizes not the invasiveness and the popularity of this method of treatment of nails. Side parts around the nail painless запиливаются, growths gently removed. Halo nail becomes gentle and mild, without unnecessary roughness and projections. For lovers of classic trim manicure achieve this effect can not immediately, as cuticle itself is still quite rigid and dense. Only after a series of regular procedures will come to you expected effect. But the person, who does not really experimented with cuticle, European manicure can be done immediately and the effect will be immediate after that. The cuticle of the so gentle personalities and pliable, making it a good material to work with okolonogteva area.

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