Myostimulation person

Миостимуляция лицаIf there is an opportunity to rejuvenate the skin, you can use such procedure as  myostimulation person. This is a very simple and painless procedure.
Through certain parts of the body cosmetologist with electrodes skips the current, thereby fabric starts to shrink, increases blood circulation and metabolic processes in the skin, such a procedure tones up the skin. Muscles start to work, the skin looks healthy and fresh.
Everyone knows that using the current can perform a variety of procedures, treatment, but you can harm your health if not to take into account contraindications. You need to choose a salon, where specially trained specialists will help you to get rid of the problem.

Myostimulation is:
– swelling of the skin;
– with the omission of age;
– wrinkles;
– when the excess subcutaneous fat;
– when scoliosis and osteochondrosis.

 Myostimulation person contraindications:
– disease of the blood;
– liver disease or kidney disease;
– pregnancy (possible to conduct the procedure in a few months after birth);
– damage of joints;
– various inflammatory processes and skin diseases.

Миостимуляция лица до и после

You can purchase a device for home use, if no time to visit the salon. The issue should be approached very carefully, not to buy cheapest phone unknown manufacturer. Also, you must buy a special gel that is also not so cheap. But, there is a solution for those who don’t have cash. You can buy moisturizing and soothing gel-cream undesirable, the film covers the skin and deprives it of the ability to breathe).

To carry out this procedure regularly, every day, not more than once within a few weeks. Such procedures may accumulate, and therefore, the effect is lasting. After the procedure may reddening of the skin (it increases blood flow) and usually goes away after a while. If a long time to disturb symptoms such as tingling, redness, tingling, pain need to go to the beautician, who conducted the procedure or apply moisturizing cream (gel). Typically, these sensations appear at high intensity current.

Миостимуляция лица

Myostimulation persons and bodiesand gives good results, can substantially correct and shape. That would reach and achieve the desired result, you need to stick to the diet exclude salty, sweet, fat, this applies to people suffering from excess body fat. So every day to perform special exercises. At strong obesity such procedures are ineffective.

When applying myostimulation sagging abdominal, also gives good results (reduction of the volume of the waist, hips). After this procedure, the stagnant muscles and «come alive». In addition to the procedure, it is important to follow a diet and perform the necessary exercises.

When conducting myostimulation in the chest it is important to remember propensity to tumors (tumor, cyst). After the procedure improves the tone of the pectoral muscles, but no effect on breast augmentation.

  Myostimulation reviews, who used at least once this procedure can boast of such a result, as the removal of edema, the disappearance of bruises under his eyes, smoothing fine wrinkles.
You can verify the effectiveness of this procedure, looking at the pictures. Myostimulation face photo, if you compare before and after the procedure, you can see fresh, healthy skin colour.
Such a procedure is available to girls and women. With the help of different gels or creams on the basis of plants, skin receives the necessary vitamins and nutrition.

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