Modern manicure

Современный маникюр

What is a modern manicure? This is, first of all, well-groomed hands and nails, a way of expression, women and figure how she is aware of the latest fashion trends. Exactly trends: fashion should not follow blindly, you just need to choose the right most suitable option.

For example, today it is not fashionable to increase the nails. But your own, according to their form, are far from ideal. So, just make artificial shorter and natural form. Today, at the height of fashion very short manicure, which stays open, even your finger. But you are the owner of a short nail plate. You are more suitable for cutoff manicure, where the nail length is 2-3 mm. The main thing in this season – avoid sharp and square nails. Only the most natural form and length. Yes and lady’s pen will look more feminine and fragile.

Modern manicure is a complex care techniques. Baths, wraps, massages, scrubs. In any salon wizard will choose them according to your individual requirements. And brittle, and the layer nails will become more strong and healthy. And the skin of the hands acquire elastic and velvety.

Then you can and take up the design of nails. The most preferable today, French manicure, but with a modern twist. Tips of nails today can be absolutely any color, they can pick up even the color of clothing, under the multicolored stylish bags, or even change depending on your mood. However, the color of the nail plate, too, must not necessarily be a pastel or pink, it must be combined with her, but to be a few shades lighter.

In fashion and dark nails – black, dark brown or Burgundy. Evening fashion requires a brighter design of nails. It can be various combinations of varnishes with metallic Shine with bright colors – Golden and black, silver metallic and purple. Decorate fingers so bold manicure massive ring. But do not overdo it with ornaments, if a ring massive it should be one. You can focus on the nail ring finger. For example, decorate it rhinestones or beads. Not like bright varnishes? Pastel colors are always in fashion, look sophisticated and refined. They are appropriate and at work, and is well-suited to evening dress. Remember that the color of the nail is a seasonal phenomenon, and well-groomed hands always in fashion.

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