Mirror nail Polish

Зеркальный лак для ногтей фотоNail Polish now little surprise. Manicure, pedicure and varnishes are part of our life and women art that was adopted long ago. And the goal is not only the charm and seduction of men, but the external harmony in a woman. Now the store has a new women weapon with steel Shine ─ mirror nail Polish. It will, of course, to draw their metallic shimmer, but when you select any of the nail coating should be careful. So, how to choose a good mirror nail Polish photo?

  1. Choosing such lacquer, trust the proven brands EU Lac d nail mirror. But even the composition of the brand varnish subjected to detailed study for the absence in it of harmful Troika is forbidden in varnishes components that can mirror nail Polish buy harm to our health.
  2. Unscrew the cap, and nail Polish mirror effect under study brush your mirror Polish. It should be possible to apply it and the thinner the better mirror nail Polish reviews.
  3. The consistency of the bottle mirror nail Polish stargazer shall be the average, as in conventional Simeonovo varnish. To check the density of nail Polish mirror effect drip, and if the drop is falling slowly, the varnish is too thick and the desired effect mirrors will not work. So the main condition for liquid lacquer is to be of medium consistency and fall quickly. Then you can be sure that you are buying a quality product.
  4. To the paint is homogeneous, without inclusions and prosojnost you can trust, you can buy.
  5. Do not be lazy and check the expiry date. The old varnish desired effect will not work, and overdue product not only for bread will not smear, and damage the health of you.

Beautiful manicure with these varnish can be obtained, if the right approach to the question of its application. So, if you want to turn your nails in the mirror shards, then follow these rules:

  1. Before applying you need to degrease the nail plate. Our nails are so characteristic property as fat excretion. He is the initiator of what our nail Polish lingers there for a long time, and for any good chance of starting to alloplastic. If you want to wear lacquer holistic, more than two or three days, then follow this rule.
  2. Not to neglect the basis for a manicure. Yes, Yes it is the same transparent liquid lacquer. Mirror lacquer has the ability to change the color, so if you do not want to give yourself a manicure chameleon, you should perform a rule. In addition, this tool so will save smooth surface of the nail significant longer period.
  3. Definitely need to shake the bottle before use. Do NOT ignore this rule.
  4. Buy correction pen for manicure or just use good old cotton swab dipped in a solution of varnish remover. So you will quickly be able to remove lacquer surplus with the cuticle and just finger.
  5. The technique of applying a mirror lacquer characterized by the application on the given algorithm. The first layer is applied subtly and not touching this cuticle, but covering the entire surface of the nail. Then put two more layers. First, in the center, and then at the edges. It is important to avoid streaks. Immediately, this may not work, but practice fruit, subsequently, will give.
  6. Avoid bubbles. To do this, typed on our brush a little more Polish. But the measure, and for this you need to know, so as not to spoil your mirror masterpiece fat BLOB.
  7. Manicure cannot be considered complete when it without special SLR top, who are on sale in beauty shops.

Зеркальный лак для ногтей фото

If you want to get real, the stunning manicure with mirror varnish it is better to go to the salon. There you will be offered the procedure of extension or of breeding metal plates. These tips, stick to the nail and take its shape. Scary, of course, but the wizard argue that the nails no harm is done by this. And the effect is amazing, shining, gold and silver nails. If you do decide to such a procedure before conducting receive vitamins and use only strengthens varnish. Then extravagant manicure just will not hurt you.

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