Mesotherapy face

Мезотерапия лицаThe older a person becomes, the more you want to skin care. You need to look carefully, use quality cosmetics, carry out procedures to enhance the facial skin. But, unfortunately, the years take their toll and there is no escape from those wrinkles around the beautiful eyes, sagging skin, chin wrinkles on the forehead, расплывшийся oval of the face. To help in such situations comes mesotherapy face. Mesotherapy is actively fighting with all problems which have to women and girls. It is a safe procedure, it is necessary to complete a full course of 10 sessions, within 4 months, further – 1 time per month. The procedure is very effective for 1 year, do not worry about wrinkles and sagging skin. Mesotherapy face price very accessible, from 2000 to 5000 rubles. The price depends on the product that uses cosmetologist adding a cocktail.

  Mesotherapy face contraindications: – pregnancy; high blood pressure; inflammatory diseases of the skin; – tumor; -many moles on his face. We must remember, that was a good effect, you need to find a good clinic and a professional who is not trained on the client and professionally select for each person rejuvenation procedure. Mesotherapy is safe and painless procedure is quite tolerant, but if the customer is afraid of the very appearance of needles, you can apply безинъекционный method. Use small thin needle injections are made not deeply, in a certain zone and in small doses. In accordance with customer complaints type of skin specialist selects individually preparations for mesotherapy face. This cocktail is rich in vitamins, microelements, they penetrate the skin, while no cream can do it. Such cocktails give the skin the lost moisture, the skin is rejuvenated and healthier and color. Is also widely used mesotherapy face of hyaluronic acid. This is a special product that is applied directly to the skin. After this procedure, with hyaluronic acid preparations is better able to penetrate into the skin. Facial skin rejuvenates, tightens, disappear, wrinkles, softens skin of the face. Such mesotherapy should be done regularly, following all the recommendations of the cosmetician, because the cause of any problems on the skin should be sought not only outside but inside. Instructions cosmetologist can be in the form of diet, smoke a little less, not to be in the sun, do not use cosmetics.

Mesotherapy face photo you can see how to carry out such a procedure. After the  mesotherapy face skin  problems can occur, in the form of inflammation, allergies, necrosis or abscess, seals or thickening. All this may indicate poor technique of conducting the procedure. Therefore, you should consider the selection of a specialist very carefully and seriously, and not to go to the first police beautician, because it’s much cheaper. Facial mesotherapy reviews positive clients are satisfied with the onset of rapid effect, namely, the skin is smoothed, wrinkles disappear, your skin looks healthy and well-groomed, you receive blush, the skin is elastic and elastic, you receive a clear outline of the face. Mesotherapy face before and after well seen on the photos, the person омолодилось for several years, and certainly such women escorting enthusiastic views not only of men. Person after mesotherapy face photo the result speaks for itself and happy after several procedures. Don’t need time to think need to do or not mesotherapy, this is necessary if you want to save the youth.

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