Mechanical face cleaning

механическая чистка лицаMechanical face cleaning  applies when not possible cleaning of the skin, when neither scrubs, no peelings. This procedure can be performed at any type of a skin at any age, it really helps and adolescents. Mechanical cleaning can be carried out not only with acne, the skin should look good and should be periodically cleaned of dead cells that skin has received the needed nutrition, vitamins. After all, if the pores are clogged, the skin is no longer breathe, and begins to age, wrinkles, acne, pimples.

Indications for mechanical cleaning of:
– oily skin;
– enlarged pores;
– very dirty skin.

– psoriasis;
– eczema;
– heart disease;
– bronchial asthma;
– Allergy;
– herpes;
– the fragility of blood vessels (thin skin);
– large moles.

Mechanical facial photo.

механическая чистка лица

механическая чистка лица

Face cleaning should be carried out in stages:
– in the beginning of the procedure should be thoroughly clean the skin with soap, especially to pay attention to the more polluted areas.
– now the skin is peeling, to remove the pollution and shallow acne.
– the next stage. Applying a warm and размягчающего lotion that helps open the pores, it will be easier to remove acne, the cleaning procedure was not so painful;
– lotion does not need to wash off and on top of it is applied softening plant-based solution. As a result of the strengthening of the lotion, and skin even more heated.
– now itself cleaning. It is best to contact the salon, beautician will professionally this procedure, using one of the methods of cleaning. It is best to use «classic method» (not used needles, spatula). With this method, a cosmetologist squeezing acne hands, using sterile napkins. This is important, the main thing is not to give the infection to spread to other areas of the skin. This method little traumatize the skin of the face.
– after the mechanical face cleaning treat skin lotion (has anti-inflammatory action).
– now you need enlarged pores lead to normal using different masks (remove swelling, redness, contributes to the narrowing of pores).
– the final stage consists in a good moisturizing.

After cleaning, it may feel a burning sensation, redness, swelling will occur, peeling. The house need to monitor the condition of the skin, use various means to care (gel, lotion). Should be good to moisturize the skin, using the gel. You should not tan and long staying in the sun, can be spots.

Mechanical face cleaning reviews. Following the procedure, the skin becomes smooth, clean and velvety. Radiance.

   Person after mechanical cleaning photo. The result can be seen looking at the photos before and after cleaning.

A woman should look after themselves and look perfect in any age.

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