Matte nail your hands

Матовое покрытие ногтей своими руками

Today many glossy magazines are full of photos of Hollywood stars with unusual manicure – colored coating does not have the usual brilliance. Look closely: indeed, a feeling that the nail surface is matte or, in other words, sateen. Of course, satin finish is a way not only to surprise the customer, but also to show that you, master of manicure, you know, what is the trend today.

So, Matt or satin) floor is transparent-muddy the top floor, not having the usual glossy Shine. As a rule, matte color manicure allows any shade of a varnish, gel lacquer, gel or acrylic look different, slightly changing their original color. To Mat resort and often in cases when you want to give new life boring shade.

To create a matte coverage you need your traditional glossy finish and policing the abrasiveness 400 grit. As a rule, such abrasion can be found on one side of the polisher (2-, 3 – or 4-speed polisher). At the touch of a abrasive itself reminds satin and will only slightly rough.

Матовое покрытие ногтей своими рукамиCompletely cure your glossy finish. If your surface after drying, leaves a sticky dispersion layer (gel lacquers and traditional gels), then to continue the work necessary to uninstall it using bezobolochnoe of sponge and alcohol drug (clinker/Cleanser). Use the above as a sander and carefully treat the entire surface of your top. Your task is not violating the integrity of the protective coating evenly to treat the whole surface of the nail, including the sides of the face and the area near the cuticle. In no case does not help yourself with grinders other abrasiveness, as you can leave over rough tracks (risks) on a new abrasive, that stands out on the background of all matte surface. The advantage of abrasive 400 grit is that like intensively (or poorly) you worked, processed by policing the area of the nail will merge into one holistic matte layer.

After the surface has become dull, carefully remove dust. You worked with a very fine abrasive, so dust can remain in very remote places to hide under side bolsters, the cuticle, under the nail. In this case will be of use compressed air – it gently and evenly will remove any dust left over from filing.

Further steps will certainly appeal to nail designers. Take a short thin brush for the art of painting (or thin brush gel nail art), dip it in the glossy top floor and draw an abstract pattern on the surface matte coating. After polymerization glossy stamp on the nail your client will manifest elegant trend Matt-glossy nail art.

Матовое покрытие ногтей своими руками

So you can do interesting fan frenchay, to decorate the area of Lunel, perform linear and abstract designs. Just imagine, how many opportunities you offer the combination of glossy and matte coating: this kind of change stereotypical view that nail art can only colored coatings. Surely a fresh approach to nail design will appeal to your customers.

In the article you got acquainted with the technology of a matte coating by using improvised means. However, the technology is not in place, and already today many manufacturers offer matte top: during the polymerization (in gel lacquer system after removal of dispersion adhesive layer) he gradually becomes matte, and you will be able to save time for polishing.

Stanislav Dieu, Manager, marketing, advertising and public relations company Nail Harmony Ukraine

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