Виды массажаMassages there are so many. In our time the same type of massage can call different terms. For example, this kind of massage as a classic, sometimes called Swedish, although the technique and methods of influence on the body the same.

What massage? This kind of procedures, which consist of a set of different techniques on organs and tissues, which are held on the surface of the human body and carried arms and special devices to achieve a better effect.

This way of treatment arose in several countries at once, therefore it is impossible to accurately attribute it to any particular. To massage resorted since ancient times, using it as a local or a General impact, massage includes punching, kneading, rubbing and stroking.

The main kinds of massage divided into medical, sports, beauty and hygiene. Types and methods of massage each of these species are targeted at different parts of the body and have different effects. So for example, sports massage is used to prepare the muscles and body athletes to various power load were easier for the entire body. Therapeutic massage is to eliminate various injuries and diseases of the human body, he is local and General. Hygienic massage has been created to strengthen the immune system and the body in General and cosmetic massage is aimed at maintaining the beauty of face and body.

Виды массажаIn the world there is no single classification of massage, so massages classification massage stand out and are divided depending on the purpose and outcome of massage, but also remember that classify massage stands on its targeting.

In addition to these classifications and types, there are massages such as manual massage is performed using involved pairs of hands or four hands. There is such a massage as hydro, which is conducted by water jets in a special bath. Also should include a mechanical massage.
For years of development massage in the world there is already an enormous number of massages body. Types of massage body very different and have their own way, but the goal of each one and the same have an effect on the muscles and skin of the body in order to relieve the tension. The types of body massages include massages, as relaxing massage, hot stone massage, Thai massage and so on.
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Виды массажаTypes of back massage there are different, but the most suitable is a full body massage, which pays special attention to the area in which the work is being done. Everyone knows that our back is covered fully muscles, so this is the greatest place, where the accumulated principal stress, pain. In order to properly distribute influence and have a wonderful effect of the application of massage, in the beginning back massage begin to stroke, slowly increasing emphasis as the muscles do not разогреются. Everyone knows that from the back massage a person receives pleasure to both physical and moral.

In addition to health impacts, massage is used in cosmetology, because thanks to it can effectively fight aging skin. To always look young, fit and fresh is regularly conduct training for persons through massage. Types of facial massage determines for each person specialist, so it is impossible to say precisely how it will be. Divided this massage:

  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • Relaxing massage
  • Хиропластический massage
  • Therapeutic massage
  • And many others.

All kinds of massage entity it is necessary to do for the appointment of a specialist and according to what he wants to reach a patient applying this massage, also taking into account the condition of the skin and all indications.

Виды массажа

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