Massage vacuum canister

Массаж вакуумной банкой

Many women and girls faced with certain problems, in the form of skin changes. Tried to make a costly procedures to be in good shape. If there is cellulite, it is of urgent need to get rid of, he will not. You can go on a simple massage, but he is too little to help.

There is a procedure – massage vacuum jar. This massage can significantly reduce the volume of his gorgeous body, improve blood circulation. Also used anti-cellulite massage vacuum jar. Here all forces aimed at the fight and get rid of cellulite, vacuum removes excess fluid from specific areas, the skin is smoothed, and defects in the form of bumps. This massage can be performed in the cabin, but you can banks for vacuum massage to buy in a pharmacy or special medical equipment stores and procedure to be performed at home.

There are such jars cheap, within 100 rubles, and effect as if at a salon visited. This massage can do it yourself at home. We are all busy people, as always lack time for myself beautiful, beauty even think not.

How to massage a vacuum jar. The main thing is to buy the Bank and should be ready that this procedure is very painful. Before the massage you need to steam the skin, you can take a shower, bath or try rubbing the skin. Behold, the skin was warming, now apply cream and squeezing Bank to put it on the skin in specific areas (legs, hips, hips). Should not overdo it with massage, enough for 10 minutes, not more.

Banks for vacuum massage should be silicone, not glass. Once there was no choice, what banks to use glass can be damaging to the skin, getting burned. Banks need to choose a quality, it depends on the effectiveness of the procedure (should be flexible and good to stick to the body). This miracle of the Bank for vacuum massage will help to improve circulation, even in the most inaccessible places and in the deeper layers of the skin. Plus this cupping massage is easy accessible to everyone under the price, and takes little time. Minus this procedure – pain may bruising. If there were bruises, therefore, there is stagnation, but as soon as the circulation will be normal, they will not be you are more alarming.

You can also have anti-cellulite massage vacuum banks, of course, they use a few cans in the salon. Such a procedure may be difficult to develop independently. How to massage vacuum banks. Such procedure shall carry a qualified specialist, show what the skin, and there are no contraindications to this procedure. Applied to the skin cosmetic cream, using special apparatus, skin in a certain area banks. Here you can adjust the vacuum pressure, making more or less time controls specialist. Also specialist will give recommendations on care of to bring your body in perfect condition, it is desirable to do sports, well at least to do the exercises. Also get rid of cellulite depends on how far he has gone, at which stage managed to transform your skin. Performing the procedure vacuum there is no need to be sorry, it depends on the effect it is necessary to suffer, to be patient.

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