Massage of the feet

Массаж ступней ног фотоHello readers of a blog! Today, the topic for discussion is a Massage of the feet !

Our legs always support us. These support endure unimaginable daily workload, and not always look healthy and well-groomed. Your legs are already not such a nice pink color and the skin soft as a baby? You feel a constant heaviness in the lower part and have a constant problem with the choice of shoes? Do not worry, your problems will solve massage of the feet.

There is no difference, do you yourself massage, make the other person or to someone else picks up your feet, use in any case will be enormous. For a start, can act as a masseur and spend massage of the feet their friends or relatives. This peaceful procedure will not only reduce blood pressure, but also the maintenance of warm relationships.

When you do massage of the feet video it is, of course, is the best option.  Massage of the feet video keeps fairly quickly to relieve General tension, stress, fatigue, helps to improve blood circulation and prevent stagnation of blood. Massage of the feet point soothe aching after a hard working day or uncomfortable shoes leg muscles, and help to reduce the pressure on the foot. If you do a acupressure massage of the feet  using oil or cream, you can activate certain processes in the body and well soften the skin of the feet.

массаж ступней ног точкиSelf-massage is the best solution in the case when the proximity is not a loved one or a professional who could do such actions.

Massage of feet characterized by considerable diversity. This massage can be performed at any time and in any place, and may even become part of the ritual home pedicure. There are several standard techniques that can equally apply as a massage therapist, and the person himself for foot massage. Select a pillow for more relax and start to самомассажу, if you have not found the person who could you make. For the best effect you will need a comfortable chair with armrests. Подгибаете one leg and start massaging it until the start to feel the lightness and weightlessness in it. Similarly to do with the second leg.

If the person responsible for the foot massage a man there, then you do nothing and don’t have to. Just pull the leg, take a comfortable position and start gaining enjoyment.

For the massage is recommended to use special massage oil or cream. Prior to this, it is important to cover the surface, which will host your feet something that protects it from grease stains. This can be a drape or oilcloth.

The main techniques that should be used in your massage:

  • stroking, which will improve blood circulation. They should be slow and soothing;
  • manual rotation of the ankle, to relieve stress in this area;
  • pulling, and the rotation of fingers is very important because it is the direct work with the main points, which are responsible for the overall health of our organism and individual organs. All these movements should be carried out smoothly, without jerks and slowly;
  • slip between your fingers, if you just spend your fingers between each of the toes;
  • squeezing the lifting of the region, which will save you from excessive stress. To do this, simply enough, the inner part of the palm press on the heel area. It is important to remember that this part of the foot is particularly sensitive, so zealous with the pressure;
  • and finally, the technique point of stroking, which is an ideal way to start and finish the massage.

Massage can be a real pleasure and way of relaxation, if you do everything else add your authentic oil composition. Thus, you will have a massage with elements of aromatherapy. If You like our article is to share them with your friends and acquaintances! To the right of the page you will find buttons popular social networks!

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