Manicure under blue dress: features and nuances

A truly luxurious shade is blue. Dresses in this design look elegant and charming, feminine and elegant. Elegant azure, fascinating Indigo, gentle blue, intense blueberry, feminine cornflower and other variations of this tones good and attractive. Interestingly, this Kohler organically blends with any skin type, hair color and eyes.

That the image was reviewed in detail, is competent to create a manicure under blue dress. What you need to consider? It is not only the model and style of dress. No less important will be the accessories. You need to take into account the performance of the clutch, belt, shoes. Worth to pick up nail art so that it resonated harmoniously with jewellery, make-up and execution of hairstyles.

In the same style

Choosing a specific solution for manicure, should proceed from the General style of the ensemble and characteristics of the event itself. If blue floor length dress is made very refined and feminine, is to choose the most concise and modest performance of the nail design. A perfect fit with this image of French. French manicure in Butovo doing well, this is a real classic. He will not draw all the attention to the hands, and will be able to highlight the sophistication and charm of the outfit.

Do not think, what is the usual solution is banal and boring. Standard French can be beat using pearl color or another shade that perfectly matches the outfit. Optionally ladies design you can add sequins, rhinestones, drawings. Main – manicure should be a natural extension of the ensemble.

It all depends on the outfit

If you choose a short dress for a disco or a party, you should prefer a rich, deep blue Kohler. It is not recommended to choose color “tone on tone”. The ideal solution would be the appearance of nails matte varnish for a couple shades darker than the dress. This will make the image more savory and delicious.

In such an ensemble can be put red nail art. If you choose this solution, it is advisable to make in the way other accessories of the same color. This manicure will be a wonderful solution for active girls who love risk and movement.

The blue dress suit black, lemon and even green design. Be aware that these colors will look really stylish, bright, refined only on short nogatco. Long nail plate in such registration would be vulgar.

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