Manicure Japanese

Маникюр по-японски

Even if a woman is beautiful, but the nails are well maintained – this is bad form. Women, as far as possible, should always follow the condition of their hands and nails.

Technique of Japanese manicure is borrowed from the East. Japanese geisha have long been known for their white skin, long black silky hair and manicured handles with a nice understated manicure.

This is a relatively new technique of nail care. Recommended for people who prefer healthy and natural manicure.

The structure means includes natural ingredients such as oils, extracts of bamboo, beeswax, ceramide, pearl pollen, cucumber extract or seaweed, and vitamins a, B, E, N and other nutrients. Thereby the nails are fed nutrients and recover quickly. Nail plate gets its natural pink color and becomes strong and durable. Girls get rid of such problems as brittle nails.

This manicure does not only aesthetic, but also therapeutic functions. It nourishes and restores the nail plate. Particularly relevant for women who wear false nails. It can be used with classical and hardware manicure.

In beauty salons do the Japanese manicure, and pedicure. Master for each customer needs to pick up personal, in accordance with condition cuticles and nails.

Маникюр по-японски


The procedure consists of the following steps:

  • inspection by the master.;
  • cleansing nail varnish, if necessary;
  • trimming and removing the cuticles;
  • the nail shaping with nail file;
  • the manicure with the use of natural components, coating powder and paste, which should correspond to the individual issue;
  • at the end of the procedure, the massage.Apply herbal bags, Acui. They contain in the composition of medicinal substances. Perhaps the most long-awaited and pleasant procedure for women. It is possible to apply the master of cream or oil.

Duration about sixty minutes. The manicure should be done at least once every three weeks. During this time, the nails absorb all useful components. If you spend at a regular nail plate is shiny and smooth, the gel Polish will be applied evenly.

Japanese manicure and pedicure – it is a pleasure not only for Housewives but also for others. Try to do it often, and a good result will not keep itself waiting.

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