Manicure for Valentine’s day – February 14

Маникюр на день святого Валентина - 14 февраля

The tradition is passed from generation to generation, and the celebration of Valentine’s Day is not the last place in the ranking. On this holiday hopes: a romantic evening for couples, meeting its second half, the opportunity to talk about their feelings, to give a little heart and so on this day, the concentration of the love of fluids through the roof! Women are preparing for the feast of St. Valentine carefully, pick up the outfit, event planning, hair and perfect manicure.

A beautiful legend associated with the advent of the holiday of love came to us from Europe not so long ago. The theme for February 14, diverse, but all associated with love: hearts, kisses, angels, arrows of Cupid, a pair of doves, the keys, the Eiffel tower, “LOVE”, etc. using these figures you can create a romantic manicure to celebrate the Day of Saint. Valentine.

Маникюр на день святого Валентина - 14 февраля

Not all girls can boast the ability to do a manicure yourself in settlements are salons with professional artists. Master of manicure will be able to create a nail design on your request, will help you find the perfect option for nail extension, will advise what is now the trend.

Before your nails or make a beautiful nail design you need to take care of the beauty of the skin and nails. It is Valentine’s Day hand will be under special attention. Home spend some treatments for hands. The easiest and most affordable way to bring hands in order to make a herbal bath, hand mask, massage with scented oils. Conduct a simple manicure without cutting the cuticle, so that the nails were without damage and redness. Only then can you start to cover or decorate nails.

Маникюр на день святого Валентина - 14 февраля

Маникюр на день святого Валентина - 14 февраля

On Valentine’s Day popular red, pink and white colors, respectively, they will be the basis to cover the nails. Always appropriate and beautiful looks classic French with the addition of patterns and pictures. But this should not be limited to, maybe you have better ideas!

Indispensable materials for additional decoration are sequins, rhinestones, colored stones, lucky with sequins, gold, silver, sculpture, etc. Without all that difficult to get festive and bright mood.

Маникюр на день святого Валентина - 14 февраля

Nails for the holiday on February 14, should not lag behind from your image, such as romantic, passionate, tender, fatal, they will help make the holiday focus on the whole a lovely holiday. It is not difficult to choose the outfit and design for manicure options may be different. Try to make a beautiful design using the Paris theme, pale pink background nail decorate the air hearts on a string, ask the master to paint the castle in the shape of a heart on one nail, and the Golden key on another nail, monogram, curls, bears with hearts, curly comedonica with arrows handy, etc.

How to do a manicure on the day of Saint. Valentina

Busy girls will approach the beautiful and elegant manicure that you can do yourself.

Pretty and romantic look nails with “kisses”.

Маникюр на день святого Валентина - 14 февраля

Arm yourself with all the necessary materials:

  • base coat for nail Polish;
  • pastel lacquer light lilac shade;
  • lacquer or acrylic paint in white color;
  • red acrylic paint;
  • a piece of sponge;
  • the brush for drawing;
  • lacquer – fixer.

Video design

Step-by-step design.

Step 1. Prepare the nails for coverage under the standard scheme, remove the old coating, degreased nail liquid nail Polish remover.

Step 2. Apply to the nails base coat, it will protect the nail plate from penetration varnish, and manicure will be to hold on longer.

Step 3. Apply basic lacquer, if the varnish is not dense structure, then apply two coats, let it dries out a bit.

Step 4. A sponge, apply a white nail Polish or white paint and promazyvanii motion apply it on the nails in a chaotic manner.

Step 5. Fine brush and red paint follow the pattern shape of the lips and add some small hearts (without them). You can focus on one finger big lips, covered with sequins.

Step 6. The finished design will secure.

Маникюр на день святого Валентина - 14 февраля

Маникюр на день святого Валентина - 14 февраля

And finally, another great video from Svetlana Sokolova.

Маникюр на день святого Валентина - 14 февраля

Маникюр на день святого Валентина - 14 февраля

Маникюр на день святого Валентина - 14 февраля

Holiday is around the corner, get ready in advance!

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