Manicure 2014 winter photo

Маникюр зима 2014 фотоHello readers of a blog! Today theme for discussion – Manicure 2014 winter photo!

Winter is always with us is considered to be extraordinary period of life when, and in the weather are changes in human life. On a background of snow, mud and darkness desirable to bring more light into your life. And it is not necessary to cardinally change the image of a trendy manicure 2014 winter photo.

It’s the year of the Water horse or a year Green Horse that carries us dynamism and vigor. Accordingly, the most popular colors in this year will be blue and all shades of emerald. In manicure 2014 winter photo as recommended by astrologers, do not add three-dimensional elements and a variety of colors. Horse-the owner does not like excess. Fashion nails 2014 winter photo recommends the use of trend varnishes «bronze», «chrome», «silver», «gold».

Маникюр зима 2014 фото

Маникюр зима 2014 фото

Маникюр зима 2014 фото

Маникюр зима 2014 фотоNails design photo 2014 winter you can make more new year, winter. The recommended lacquers you can add frosty painting the nails and magic mood securely. With the onset of 2014 goes fashion of the popular couple of seasons in a row naturalness, but, finally, can do nail design 2014 winter photo French, with its elegant rhinestones, or trendy applique. The main thing to choose, one thing, and not to turn nail design 2014 winter photo in absolute kitsch and atmospheric bad taste.

Nail design French winter 2014 photo will look none the worse in blue or turquoise, so you can follow the advice of astrologers and make such French.

Optionally, you can choose nail design French 2014 winter photo «smile». This kind of lunar manicure with clearly defined borders. This year nail design 2014 winter  «smile» is desirable to do in turquoise, violet, green and black colours. Winter nail design 2014 photo such a plan can be well diversify бульенками, guipure and velvet colored sand.

More courageous decision to make nail design 2014 winter  in the gradient style. This manicure will look good on all holidays, in addition complemented it with glitter, you will have a trendy and festive manicure.

In the color palette should be given, also, preference bloody and rich shades of blue.

Маникюр зима 2014 фото
Маникюр зима 2014 фото

Маникюр зима 2014 фотоIf you do not want to see nails 2014 winter photo of French in dark colours, it is possible to stay the course naturel. Natural cosmetics, beige or light-brown tones in the clothing, nail design photo 2014 winter by transparent or natural varnish insurance is a are the main components of this course.

Fashionable chip will be the use of Metallica. Acceptable fully прокрашивать such nail varnish or create nails 2014 winter photo with a metal tip.

In the French manicure now, by the way, the very fashionable is the contrast of colors. Contrast assume not only in the colors, and textures. Can mix red with yellow and gloss with a varnish.

Avoid contrasting manifestations, according to your desire, will help newfangled Ombre. As well as directly from the 90’s returned to us a variety of sequins and glitter, then you can add the item to such a manicure.

Do not leave without attention winter painting. Classic new year’s eve the painting presents Christmas scenery and snowmen and snowflakes. Creates just a festive mood. But do not forget that this season stylists are advised to refrain from saturated paintings. The holidays have come to an end, and if you want to be stylish and after that, you can make a fashion now Chinese painting, or painting with elements belonging to the symbol of this year: the horseshoe, mane, head of horses.

In the new fashion trends among the paintings are Scandinavia. Restrained, tiny drawings or поодиночные flowers (no lush flowers on nails or Hawaiian beaches). Juicy pictures and colors of acid leave for summer, winter is similar to anything.

Scandinavia is good because they can be easily imagined in a new year’s world. On the nails will take a great picture, consisting of deer and runic inscriptions, deer and diamonds. No less popular are now painted with animal and snake prints, indulgent mistress passing year.

Маникюр зима 2014 фото

Маникюр зима 2014 фотоA youth version of the insurance is a substitute painted in bright colors (but not acid) in varnishes. Older women can use pink, light green and plum lacquer. Next winter at its peak, cracks, creating a picture of cracks on nails and sand varnishes and Mat varnishes, and not leave the fashion podiums.

Fashion nails for the winter period differs little from manicure other seasons, so if you want, to love the novelty or innovation can use it for a whole year. The difference is that the nails at this time, special care is required to yourself, and if you provide it, nails will delight you every day.

Despite the fact that winter, nails are important to our way of not less since men first of all pay attention to the hands, everywhere and always.

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Маникюр зима 2014 фото

Маникюр зима 2014 фото

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