Make your French nails unique.


uniq french nails

The original French manicure is easily recognizable. His feature – the white tip. Simple, modern and elegant, it attracts women (and even some men!) Of all ages. But even the most time-tested classics deserves obnovleniya.Nekotorye kinds of new design seems to be specially created for teens, like other women of any age.
French nails are synonymous with white tips. But nothing prevents us to dream with color. Follow these steps to create a superb tip French manicure, also known as “reverse French manicure”:

1) Cover the nail varnish opaque, so that usually paint white tips. Allow it to dry completely.

2) Apply the strip to the French manicure and draw the tip of a dark color, such as black or red. You can run the tip of a gold or silver color.

3) Secure all clear lacquer or a means to consolidate.

Unusually will look as French nails with a sharp tip. Rather than drawing a soft white smile line, draw the tip of a sharp angle at the center, for example. Color scheme can also be different.

French nails with a diagonal can be used as a variant of the classic French manicure. The strip should not stick straight, as well as to obtain a smooth diagonal. Along the thick line can be drawn parallel to it a thin strip. This design does not require additional embellishments.
Marble French nails – is quite original decision. It takes a little practice, but once you learn it – a long time do not want anything else. On the tip of the nail, apply two or three nail at a time. Choose bright and interesting color combinations, such as dark blue, silver and white, or red, or pink and yellow, there is no limit. . Mix paints with a brush to achieve the final effect of “marble.” If any paint will spread beyond the smile line, gently tweak all the brush, lightly dampened with acetone.

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