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Светящийся лак для ногтей фотоHello readers of a blog! Today theme for discussion – Luminous nail Polish!

Luminous nail Polish  refers to the highest quality decorative cosmetics. Its development and production was engaged in a science laboratory. The most remarkable feature of this product is its ability to glow in the dark. Covered such lacquered nails filling with energy from any light: fluorescent, лампочного, natural or artificial. Luminous nail Polish is charged very quickly, within two minutes after staying at the source of light. Luminous nail Polish photo the stronger will Shine, the darker the place of stay of the girls. Luminous nail Polish photo especially popular among young fashionistas. This is an excellent lure for interesting people at parties and clubs. The light coming from luminous nail Polish, most strongly in varnishes green and blue hues. In such cases nails have the most strong persistence. They can even be used to illuminate.

Luminescent varnish does not include harmful substances, consists of a regular transparent varnish and fluorescent pigments, quite powerful, among other things. Lacquer this type can be worn on your fingernail, and extended tips. And if previously buy luminous nail Polish white and cover them with nails, the effect of further application will be even better.

In beauty shops buy luminous nail Polish these types:

  • luminescent primer or varnish which involves a simple application without the final painting. This varnish itself forms the figure on the illuminated surface;
  • adjustment luminescent varnish, which itself is transparent and can be applied to the already existing paint. That is, the day we admire the normal color or pattern, and the night is still and amplified by fluorescent light.

At the same time, no matter how popular nor would such lacquer, he still displaced now gel and acrylic building. Manufacturers wonders decided to keep up with fashion trends and offered to the consumer fluorescent build-up that will solve all your problems at once. The procedure will be little different from the usual capacity. Just in the mix for the formation of the nail with a gel or acrylic add a little fluorescent powder. Nails will Shine in darkness and brightness of this afterglow almost fifty percent more than the usual luminescent coating.

Before buying a varnish should be taken into account peculiarities of its use. This finish should be applied to cleansed pre surface. Nail thoroughly prepared for the luminescent coating composition. Lucent lacquer mix to homogeneous consistence. Using special brushes you can start to apply varnish to the nail plate. After applying this varnish is important to check the homogeneity of the overall picture and wait until dry finish layer.

For people who first used a similar thing to my nails will be interesting to see some interesting facts about this Lak:

  • radiance will accompany you always. Regardless of light or dark outside, if you go into the room, your nails will start to glow;
  • best energy to recharge such nails is the sun. On it they are able to be charged for 5-10 minutes;
  • price luminescent lacquer depends on the concentration of fluorescent particles in the lacquer;
  • lacquer in two-three layers will glow effect more powerful;
  • fluorescent building the most efficient method for creating shining nails;
  • Lac brand Нокстон not a luminescent, but in the rays of ultraviolet radiation has the ability to Shine;

This varnish is nothing like a mix of plain lacquer and luminescent powder. Has unlimited opportunities to recharge. This varnish is absolutely safe for human health, it is not toxic and does not cause allergies.
Some Amateur home manicure often interested in how to make such a varnish yourself, because it is not the cheapest lacquers. It is really quite simple. For this optional most ordinary transparent lacquer and luminescent powder. It is preferable to use powder from the company Нокстон. In the gel nail or other transparent lacquer just add a little of that magic powder, and voila, after some time, you are already the owner of your own unique luminescent varnish.

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